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Watched the sneak peek of 'Once Upon a Time'

I had planned on watching Once Upon a Time because Jennifer Morrison was in it, and I've been a fan since her days on House. Then I started reading really good reviews about the Pilot, so I got really excited. The trailer that popped up for pre-Fall-season raised my hopes higher. Well, IMDB hosted an early look at the Pilot, and I finally got to it today. (Yeah, I beat the actual airing by a few hours, LOL!) Bottom-line, I actually loved it.

Overall, I found the premise intriguing (fairytale characters are cursed by Snow White's evil stepmother, sent from their magical world to modern times in Storybrooke, Maine where they have no recollection of who/what they are), and Jennifer Morrison -- as I expected -- was wonderful. I thought the writers did a great job in establishing the fairytale land, and modern day times. Random thoughts --

- I loved the weaving in and out of the fantasy flashbacks to the modern day happenings with Emma, Henry and the rest of the Storybrooke citizens.

- I was surprised, but I actually teared up when Snow White found Prince Charming all dead and she kept kissing him to try and bring him back to her as she had with his kiss at the beginning.

- And I did find myself sighing a little when Snow/Mary Margaret dropped the flowers off at John Doe's side in the hospital without any recognition that it was her Prince Charming.

- I really am not fond of the pixie haircut that Ginnifer Goodwin has going as Mary Margaret, but her official secondary character name is Sister Mary Margaret, so I wonder if she's supposed to be a nun. If so, then, yeah, it makes sense. At least, I have the glorious (wig, schmig, it looks real) luscious mane in the fairytale landscape.

- Jennifer Morrison gets some trash-talking, but I don't get it. It's not her fault that Zoey was annoying on How I Met Your Mother; that was the writing, not her. And so far in this, I'm loving her. She's made the character real and believable amidst the fairytale crazy. From her opening scene, through her birthday wish, to her scenes with Henry (both disbelieving, hopeful and then when she let loose with some of her anguish about her youth) to the final scene with the evil step/adoptive mother she had me feeling for her. I liked her Emma from beginning to end.

- Speaking of, I really loved how they had Emma ask the mayor if she loved Henry because of her "superpower" of truth-reading. At first, I was like 'why is she asking her that?' then was I was all 'duh' as she waited for her to answer. What I really loved is that they didn't hit us over the head with it, the door didn't close and then Emma murmured to herself 'she's lying,' or something like that. We just got the answer based off of Jennifer Morrison's expression, and then her choosing to stay in Storybrooke for the week.

- The kid playing Henry (Jared Gilmore) is doing a wonderful job. He's a cute kid without being annoying (so far).

- Not surprisingly, Robert Carlyle was a scene-stealer in his two scenes. Loved that his modern name is "Mr. Gold." Heh.

- I'm relieved that the lead villainess, Lana Parrilla, is much better in the overall show. I was worried because she really came across as over-the-top in the trailer, but that worked for the fairytale scene. And it only popped up just a bit in the threat to Emma in modern day times, and that was deliberate, obviously, since it was the same line she said to Snow in fairytale times.

- So, Irish Sheriff (Jamie Dornan) dude is Emma's love interest, yes/yes? He's cute, but I can't really tell how they'll play off of each other since a scene they did share was cut. (There are stills of the two standing outside in front of her car talking.) As always, though, hope springs eternal.

- I loved Snow's response when asked how bad the queen could get -- "She poisoned me with an apple because she thought I was prettier than her." Put that way, boy, it really does make the queen look cray-cray, huh, in a way I never even thought of in terms of the fairytale.

- Overall, I enjoyed the dialogue actually. It all worked for me. Well, almost all of it -- Snow's comment that "the glass coffin gave me pause" was a bit too modern sounding, but that's one small complaint.

- As all of the early reviews have said, Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow/Mary Margaret) was wonderful. Not really surprising if you've ever seen her in anything before (and I have).

- I do wonder how Mr. Gold/Rumpilstiltskin became owner of the town. Hmmm...

- Finally, I actually sat up and cheered with a big grin when the clock moved upon Emma staying in town, and I loved Henry's smile as he noticed it. Perfect ending to the episode.

- I do love how the producers said the show could carry on for some time with all of the "actual" backstories of the fairytale characters. And, I hope it does well -- and stays this good -- because I really, really did enjoy it.
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