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Yo, Friends List!

Anyone who even scrolls through my posts knows that I'm majorly obsessed with The Vampire Diaries. Not all of you watch it for various reasons. Well, I'm giving one more shout-out in an attempt to get some of you to give it a shot. Netflix bought the rights to a bunch of CW shows for instant watch and TVD is one of them.

That's right, if you have Netflix,you can watch the first two seasons of The Vampire Diaries through Instant Watch! (Obviously, you'll have to find alternative ways of watching season 03 -- they just aired episode 5.)

So, give it a shot. I doubt highly that any of you will regret it. The first three episodes do initially come across exactly what you'd expect a vampire show on the CW to be like, but it starts to get really good, then great, then fantastic, the OMG!awesome and has pretty much stayed there for most of its run so far. (And even the first three episodes are MUCH better upon rewatch.)

Just try it. Try to get through episode four. It's a really, really, really, really good show. In all my years of TV-watching, I have NEVER been this in love with a show before. And even if you're not into vampires (yes, leucocrystal, I'm thinking of you), that's okay because that is not what it's really about. It's about family and friends and tribal morality and the choices we make or don't make and how they affect our lives. The friendships and familial relationships are as important as the romances. Strong writing, strong acting, wonderful characters, gorgeous cast. Give it a shot!
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