Arabian (arabian) wrote,

How the heck do you make gifs?

I'm talking clear, fair-sized, compressed gifs (without tumblr'ed styled coloring -- which I don't like)? I have tried GIMP and a couple of other programs. I have tried making it through Adobe ImageReady, through Magix, through Camtasia, and the only ones I can make are way too big. I have watched multiple youtube tutorials (which I hate doing). But it just ain't happening.

{Whines} I just want to be able to make gifs like this that are a fairly decent size, in good quality, but not too big volume size (ie, this one is 5 kbs, the ones I make -- same size, some smaller -- are in the 2-4 mbs range. And I can't figure out how/why this is so difficult when gazillions of people are clearly able to do this for tumblr, etc. It's not like I'm technologically-challenged at all, but this? Has me stumped.

Help please.
Tags: help

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