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12 October 2011 @ 12:35 pm
How the heck do you make gifs?  
I'm talking clear, fair-sized, compressed gifs (without tumblr'ed styled coloring -- which I don't like)? I have tried GIMP and a couple of other programs. I have tried making it through Adobe ImageReady, through Magix, through Camtasia, and the only ones I can make are way too big. I have watched multiple youtube tutorials (which I hate doing). But it just ain't happening.

{Whines} I just want to be able to make gifs like this that are a fairly decent size, in good quality, but not too big volume size (ie, this one is 5 kbs, the ones I make -- same size, some smaller -- are in the 2-4 mbs range. And I can't figure out how/why this is so difficult when gazillions of people are clearly able to do this for tumblr, etc. It's not like I'm technologically-challenged at all, but this? Has me stumped.

Help please.
Daughter of Eve: ss501: Minnie {Wink/HeadToss}princess_narnia on October 12th, 2011 05:44 pm (UTC)
I'm new to tumblr gifs but I guess its a case of sacrificing something. So if you want a nice quality gif of a size like the one you linked to, then cut down on frames. That gif has 10 frames. Usually I like having more frames so I make the gif itself smaller or use photosets.

The other little cheatsheet thing to do is not to post the large gif as a PHOTO. Instead use a regular TEXT post, host your image on tinypic/imageshack or another free image service and then copy paste the image code into the text post. Voila! Only downside I've noticed is that it won't show up as a gif on the dashboard...at least for me it doesn't (prob because its not a PHOTO post)

Also, the less colouring and what not you do, the smaller the gif ought to be. Sometimes, various fill layers can add to the KB weight of the gif.
Try playing with the diffusion and perhaps the number of colours you are working with. Eg: instead of 256, use 128.
Black and White allows you to drop the colour down to 64 and still have a nice gif that's not gritty and pixel-y.
Arabian: Caroline05arabian on October 12th, 2011 06:19 pm (UTC)
No, but that gif was of a decent size. It was kbs, while mine are mbs.

Sigh, I don't use tumblr, anything I post would be here on LJ using text. And I have tried the lower color count and it LOOKS like it, and I don't like black/white gifs. I just want to be able to make gifs like that person's gif. It's a good height/width, normal color, not too big in size.