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A TVD Spoiler that has me a tad worried ....

So new spoiler from Ausiello, and it's a somewhat big one, and I haz thoughts!

This is apparently one of a few major twists that are coming up, and it's all about Stefan -- Klaus compels Stefan to completely shut off his emotions, thus paving the way for him to become an official baddie. (There's actually a teeny more specifics to the overall spoiler, as in when, how many other twists, but I figured I wouldn't spoil that bit too.) Everything below, after this, is purely MY SPECULATION.

*Sigh* I have to admit that for the first time since I got into this show, I'm very, very disappointed. Partly because I've had such faith that they would really bite the bullet and go full-throttle, which I suppose they are, and still giving themselves a believable out. But, but, but ... my problem is that it then reads to me as if they are essentially saying that when Stefan goes full-on ripper mode, it won't *really* be his fault because Klaus compelled him. Which really, really worries me not because I don't like that twist, because that actually does work for me, but because it likely means that all the people he's killed this summer won't count? Don't matter? And so Elena, and everyone else will be hunky-dory, lalala, all is fine? Because he really, really didn't want to kill those people this summer, so it's okay.

And then to bring my Damon issues into it, because Stefan chose to save the life of 170-year old vampire at the cost of many, many other innocent human lives, Stefan will still be the "good" brother at the end of the day, but Damon -- who we know has never, does not ever kill as much (and as viciously) as Stefan -- will always be the "bad" brother. And will he continue to be the one who everyone treats like crap, and for whom people recall only his negative actions, but never acknowledging the positive stuff he's done? While doing vice-versa for Stefan?

If this is the case, well, I'll just say that as much as I love The Vampire Diaries, this is a major, major, incredibly major fail on their part. I'm hoping desperately that I'm wrong, and that we'll see some fall-out from all of the murder that Stefan has done, and all of the good that Damon has done. But this worries me, it really does.

ETA: Whoah, back up! A lot of the comments to this seem to not be getting that this is MY worried speculation based on the spoiler, not the spoiler itself.

The reaction to Stefan's summer activities not being followed through, and Damon being seen by everybody as the bad guy with no redeeming quality ever is NOT a spoiler. It's worried, paranoid speculation on my part only. The only spoiler is that Klaus will compel Stefan into full-on Ripper mode -- which he is not at yet -- and that is a perfect, necessary twist BECAUSE it took 30 years for Stefan to recover last time. The show doesnt have the luxury of that time.

My fear -- and again, it's just personal paranoia at play here -- is that the murders he HAS committed will be glossed over. We don't know that will happen. And we also don't know that Damon will continue to be totally painted as the bad guy. This twist STILL doesn't take away from all the bad he HAS done this summer, pre-compulsion. Stefan has killed already WITHOUT the compulsion. That I can see being "forgiven" as such as Damon's killing of Jeremy and other bad things he's done has been forgiven, but allowing the others to realize he's not perfect; that the tale Stefan sold them about his awesome goodness will be taken with a dose of reality now.
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