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'The Vampire Diaries -- The 'good' brother vs. the 'bad' brother

Hmm, I was responding to all of the "Disturbing Behavior" and my Caroline-post comments, and a couple of things occurred to me. I could be totally wrong, but I figured I'd throw them out there.

First of all, I'm wondering (and hoping) that the heavy-handedness of bad!Damon from Caroline, Alaric, Elena, etc. of episode 04 was deliberate -- which still doesn't excuse the sloppiness on display there, imo. The reason being because next week when the whole crew is possibly falling apart in various fights (Caroline/Tyler against Rebekah; Elena against Stefan/Klaus), Damon gets back into town -- as I assume he will once Katherine gives him the information about the necklace -- and he does save the day. And THIS TIME it will be acknowledged and the others will finally wise up a bit to ALL that Damon does do for them. If so, then I'll take (if a tad unhappily) the bald execution of "Disturbing Behavior" if it gives us that reward.

Also, I kinda wonder if anyone but Damon, Elena and Alaric know just exactly what Stefan's been up to this summer. And if any of them don't know about Stefan's ripping and murderous mayhem, how will they react when they do? What kind of wake-up call will they experience regarding the "good" and "bad" brother then? How will attitudes change (as they darn tootin' should) regarding Damon, Stefan and the fact that Stefan is not only as capable of doing bad things like Damon, but that he does a lot, lot worse.
Tags: damon salvatore, stefan salvatore, the vampire diaries, tv

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