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3.03 - 'The End of the Affair' (The Vampire Diaries)

Sorry for the delay, as I posted Thursday night, I was feeling ill, but I'm reasonably better now and have rewatched the episode and now I can share my thinky-thoughts (which are insanely long). Before I go into tonight's episode, I will say that I had EXTREMELY high hopes for one particular reason: Caroline Dries. She wrote this one and of her previous six episodes (co-writing on: "Miss Mystic Falls," "Isobel," "The Sun Also Rises," solo on: "Memory Lane," "The Sacrifice" and "The House Guest") only one is not in my top 20 favorite TVD episodes (ML), and of the remaining five, two are in the top three and the other three are closer to the top 10 mark, rather than the top 20. So, yeah, the hopes? They were sky-high.

Unfortunately, I was a tad disappointed due to those super-high hopes, and I blame it on my damn couple-girl mentality. My newer friends who know me mostly through The Vampire Diaries have no idea how unlike me fandom-wise this show has made me. I do NOT multi-ship. I do not have more than one couple per show. I do not wax poetic and gloriously over every aspect of a show, and certainly not over couples beyond my couple. I do not spend hours (literally, yo!) writing about more than just my couple. I just do not. But I do with this show. Yet ... I'm still a couple-girl at heart and my poor couple-girl heart has been beaten down good from a Damon/Elena couple-girl point of view and I need more, I want more.

I am tired of the two steps forward (last episode's wonderful final scene with them), five steps back (tonight's interaction). Logically, reasonably I know stuff is coming, I just can't see how it is not as how things have been laid out. I just am losing my patience and every episode that passes without some significant OH!YES!FINALLY! Damon/Elena-ness makes it harder to keep that couple-girl mentality at bay. Especially when -- even separated -- we're still getting hit over the head with Stefan/Elena! Stefan/Elena! Stefan/Elena! ("Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!"). Though even after the first watch-through, this really was not a good indication of their long-lasting love.

And, as I mentioned, I was sick. Feverish and just so sick and tired of the fact that every single new-Vampire Diaries Thursday *something* crappy happens. I kid you not. The baby I'm watching falls down the stairs (she's totally fine)? New-Vampire Diaries Thursday. I get into a car accident? New-Vampire Diaries Thursday. My cat gets sicker? New-Vampire Diaries Thursday. My cat dies? New-Vampire Diaries Thursday. I get a migraine? New-Vampire Diaries Thursday. I get really sick? New-Vampire Diaries Thursday. Etc., etc. I am not kidding. And the fact that it happened AGAIN! The last Thursday (in months) that I can watch the show live because my work hours are changing this week? Yeah, it just laid a pall over the night as much as I tried for it to not, and that did effect my viewing. All of the above is to say that I was not in the best frame of mind to fully appreciate the episode. Which sucks because it was an excellent episode. Easily the best of this season. And one that will likely hold up very well when the season's over. And *that* is what I am determined to concentrate on now.

~ Ah! The Romance of It All! ~

So let's start with Stefan and Elena. I don't know, basing this on the template of hundreds of other shows, one would think this is just a (major) bump in the road of their great love, but (a) this show doesn't follow other templates, and (b) despite Nina Dobrev's continued PC-stance of not wanting to upset 50% of the room, Damon and Elena are about a gajillions times more popular than Stefan and Elena pretty much based on any bit of information out there that one could gauge such things by. So, for me, this episode didn't represent a (major) bump, but rather the beginning of the end of what is a doomed love affair. Yeah, that title ("The End of the Affair") really could only apply to them because clearly it's not Stefan and Klaus, or Stefan and Rebekah -- those are both on the precipice of a fresh start; Damon and Elena haven't even truly begun, and Caroline and Tyler are in the beginning stages of their love story. That leaves Stefan and Elena.

And if one forgoes the expected template of the first "big" couple being the "one" whose journey we are undoubtedly watching, it's quite clear that this truly is the beginning of the end for them. They already said as much in in "The Last Day" when Elena told Stefan she never planned on being a vampire for him, and Stefan knew that. They were never meant for "forever." They certainly didn't believe so about the other. And so much about what happened in this episode re-confirmed that. Let us list them, shall we?

1.) The necklace. Whoo boy! I've long thought that the necklace more represents the relationship between Damon and Elena, but from the moment we saw Elena clutching it in her final scene with Damon in "The Birthday," I realized that the show believes it represents the love between Stefan and Elena. And we saw that crystal clear again with her holding onto it throughout this episode. Of course, we also saw something quite, quite interesting regarding the necklace (outside of the fact that it originally belonged to Rebekah). We know from Jeremy -- thank you, Jere! -- that even when memories are compelled away, the feeling remains. The final bit we saw with Stefan in this episode was a compelled-to-forget-him seeing that necklace on the floor, picking it up, and feeling something, a softer emotion by the look on his face. I found that quite significant.

This tangible symbol of Stefan and Elena's love -- which is flat-out referred to in next week's promo as such -- was actually an intangible symbol of a former love of Stefan's. It's almost as if the show is telling us (between the lines) that everything about Elena is tied to other women he's loved before her ... the obvious Katherine, and now, Rebekah through the use of the necklace. Very, very interesting. And again, not boding well at all for the idea that this love between Elena and Stefan is all that everlasting after all.

2.) The lack of honesty. Stefan has NEVER been honest with Elena about who and what he really is. He's ignored it, brushed it aside, white-washed it, flat-out lied about it. And now Elena is doing the exact same thing despite the fact that it's right in front of her. Even as she's standing in front of a list of all of his victims -- that he's kept not for reasons of remorse, but to relive the kill -- she's staring at him moony-eyed, determined to preserve her ideal of him and their shining love. And then came, possibly, the first big crack in that ideal. At first, I was surprised by how clumsily cliched the line was when Stefan said "Look at what I found" leaving Elena and the viewer to wonder if he was going to expose her to Klaus for a second. Surprised because I think Caroline Dries is A-W-E-S-O-M-E and she's never resorted to that kind of cheap trickery before, but upon reflection, it was definitely deliberate. This moment told us and Elena that she doesn't believe 100% what she is saying (that she can save him); also, that Stefan is being effected by his bender-behavior to the point that he'd even give her that moment of fear.

3.) Which leads us to another action from Stefan that was unnecessary: Him grabbing her arm and hurting her in their final scene. He didn't have to go that far. His words would be (and were) much more powerful in getting her to stop. But he did it anyway, because he's that far bender-gone that he *could* hurt Elena like that.

4.) Actually, that entire final scene between them didn't play out at all how I would have expected. It was quite unromantic. She didn't tell him she loved him, didn't talk of how she needed him, how they had to be together, reminded him of their great love, etc. The closest thing to romance she said was "come with me" and the "with me" was given no special significance. She hugged him, yes, but it wasn't that much more than she'd give Damon, or Caroline, Bonnie, Jeremy, Alaric, Matt, Tyler. I expected her to kiss him, nope, she didn't even go there. I expected him to close his eyes in anguish, fighting the tears when he got his point of view over her shoulder. Nope. I expected tears from her, tears and anguish from him as he walked away. Double negative. What I didn't expect? Was Stefan to say "it's never gonna be the same," and I certainly didn't expect her reply of "I know that" filled with surprised resignation as if the moment he said it, she realized the truth of it.

5.) And we're back to the necklace. On the car ride there, Elena was holding onto the necklace with hope. On the ride back, she was clutching it with bitter resignation.

I won't say that I can't see how they could get back from this, because, hello!, I ship Damon and Elena!, but, yeah, it's going to be a very, very long road and they're already doing that journey with Damon and Elena.

Speaking of ... I mentioned above the frustration with the two steps forward, five steps back with these two. And, okay, it wasn't that drastic, it was just, well, frustrating that we had such a great final scene in the episode before and finally some acknowledgement from Elena, and then we were back to the bitchy banter. The bitchy courtesy of Elena, the banter, Damon. *sigh* Cuz, yeah, she was really kinda a bitch to him which is unlike Elena. She isn't that way to anyone, even Damon unless he's really pushed her to the brink. But in this episode, she was just -- yeah, she had issue with everything he did. Sniping at him about everything, turning every Stefan negative back on him.

It annoyed me while watching, but on reflection (and upon a full season rewatch, I'm sure it will work beautifully in the arc) it makes perfect sense. She knows that the something between them is beginning to spiral out of her control, and so she's trying to create new boundaries to keep *it* at bay. So she snipes at him, she won't let him close. But yet when he shows up in her bed, she doesn't leap out of bed, she doesn't even leap that far away from him. When she first hears his voice, it takes her a few moments to pull completely away as she "should." Instead, her eyes flutter open, she looks up at him ... and then she pulls away. She even reaches out and lightly smacks him -- touching him, and once he gets up from the bed, she waits less than a minute before finding an excuse to jump up and stand uber-close to him. When she's in danger, she calls him and is obviously pissed that he didn't run straight to her. So, right now, she's in full-on-Elena-denial mode. About everything. Stefan's murders. That something between her and Damon. And she's just trying to act like nothing has changed. Stefan is still the good brother that she loves. Damon is still the bad brother who annoys her. Reality is not going to creep up on her, I imagine it's going to hit her like a ton of bricks and it's gonna be epically bad when it hits.

The one scene between them that I adored upon first watch, though, and upon reflection just love more and more was when she was pissed that he didn't run straight to her after her phone call. I loved it SO MUCH for everything that wasn't said between them. For what it said about Damon as a character and his growth, what it said about how very well she knows him now, and how in synch they really can be quite a bit of the time. She's pissed that he didn't show up right away because she expected him to come running to her side. It's an expectation, Damon being there for her is what she expects. That is telling in and of itself.

Meanwhile, he tries to brush away the danger she was in at first, but when she pushes, he responds with the very tightly controlled comment that he had an hour to realize his bad idea, process her danger and deal with it. That one line showed how very much Damon Salvatore HAS grown, has changed, has improved. He didn't fly off the handle, he didn't freak out, he didn't go ballistic and crazy. He dealt with it without hurting anyone (one assumes if it was only an hour, he went shopping, and we didn't see him hurting anyone), and without taking his anger at himself and fear over her safety out on Elena. That's a pretty damn big step for one Mr. Salvatore. So bravo.

And then came his less-tightly controlled "are you okay?" The anxiety, the fear there in those three words, the tight grip he had on his emotions slipping, and here's where Elena's understanding comes in. She completely got everything that we got from those sentences. She got his growth, she got his fear, she got how freaked out he was by his stupidity and how well he handled it, and she also got that he was still close to losing it, so she put aside her need to vent and just said "yeah," giving him the go-ahead that they could move on. And so they did, resuming their bitchy banter. :)

One other note about Damon and Elena that I found quite interesting. Really, what does it say about how strongly Damon believes in and feels about Elena that he 100% believed that she could bring Stefan back within five minutes? Whoah. That's some major faith in her awesome there.

As for other pairings, well, I'll take a quick moment to discuss Tyler and Caroline. I'm sorry, any shippers on my list, I am just not feeling them at all. The chemistry is just not there for me. I thought it was incredibly sweet what Tyler did for her, when he picked her up, I thought it was a lovely moment, but emotionally it didn't move me at all. Had Stefan picked her up and carried her out, I would have been awwing and hand-waving all over the place. Heck, had Matt done it, I would have likely released at least one aww. But for Tyler? Yeah, nada. Same with the joke at the start of their final scene, and the cuddling after. It was sweet and it did absolutely nothing for me.

You know what did though? Stefan and Rebekah! Seriously, what *is* it about Paul Wesley?!?! I preferred the idea of Damon and Elena from the beginning, but I actually kinda liked Stefan and Elena throughout season 1. I began to ship Stefan and Katherine towards the end of season 1; I uber-shipped Stefan and Caroline from episode two of season 2 like whoah, and now I'm all squeeing and swooning over Stefan and Rebekah. (Of course, my number one Stefan-shipping-allegiance still remains with Caroline. Of course.) They were just ... fabulous. From that first moment when she licked the blood off of his lips, to him catching her arm later and asking her name, to the blood-sharing, the making-out, the dancing, the looks. From Rebekah standing there waiting for Stefan to join them, the way she chose him over Klaus (of course, it's Stefan, duh), the way her face softened, her eyes lit up when she saw him in present day. From the look on Stefan's face when he remembered, the way he said her name, the smile as he walked towards her. Ahhh, be still my beating heart. So beautiful. All of it from beginning to end was just beautifully, beautifully done.

I'm sorry, my beloved Stefan/Caroline, but Stefan and Rebekah are so pretty together!! And Paul and Claire Holt -- more on her later -- have gorgeous chemistry. It was just so beautifully done. And I am so very excited to see what happens next week with them. And with Stefan and Katherine. Yeah, another one!

Oh, Paul. Why do you work so much better with Nina Dobrev when she's playing Katherine? I know why, because Katherine -- like Caroline, like Rebekah -- makes Stefan FUN! And I will admit that a teeny part of why I like Stefan and Rebekah is because she is similar to Caroline (in looks) and in personality, so basically, Katherine is not his only physical type, someone similar to Caroline is also. But back to my main point which I find very interesting is that a Stefan who is not denying who he is obviously prefers a fun, flirty, confident kinda gal, ie. Katherine, Rebekah, Vampire-Caroline. And I specifically mentioned the vampire bit because it was becoming a vampire that made Caroline so much more confident. As needy, somewhat pathetic human Caroline, Stefan didn't have the time of day for her, but as a vampire, he's all looking adoringly at her on her doorstep. Uh huh. (Yeah, see, it always comes back to how perfect Stefan and Caroline are for one another. I can not help it.)

Back to Katherine though. So, clearly she still has Stefan first in her sights, but I do find in interesting that she was so prodding at Damon and his feelings for her and Elena there. Something is still gnawing just a bit at her about Damon, you know it is.

~ Bromances = Brotherly Love? ~

So, I think it's VERY interesting -- what can I say? I find a lot of things about this show interesting; it's my fave, yo! -- that Damon referred to Alaric as his brother in the last episode, and in this one, Stefan refers to Klaus as his brother. I just have to shake my head and sigh. When will these boys realize that they are just substituting other people for the other? Now, this is not to say that I don't feel that the Alaric/Damon relationship isn't real. I absolutely believe that it is, and I love it so very much. I think they've done a wonderful job in building on the actors' natural chemistry with one another and developing a friendship between their characters. I buy it; I buy them.

And now, in one fell swoop, I buy the relationship they set up with Stefan and Klaus, not only because of this episode but because of their interaction in season 2. There was the fact that Stefan wanted to negotiate with Klaus, not once, but twice? Yes, he's bad at it, but the fact that he even believed he could make the attempt when no one else did is telling in retrospect. Remember the whole bit about having a vague remembrance of feelings once compelled? Well, now Stefan's belief that he could sway Klaus makes perfect sense. Of course, any deeper remembrance would have been over overwhelmed by the horror of what Klaus was doing, but again, the fact that Stefan tried to reason with Klaus is telling.

Back in 1920's, how Stefan was able to accept and call Klaus his brother says to me the same thing that Damon suddenly pulling out that endearment in the last episode did. Both of them terribly miss having each other in their lives as true brothers, and not the antagonistic asses they've been to one another for 145 years. I think the bottom-line is that Damon misses Stefan, his brother, and Alaric is filling a bit of that void now. And I think it's really coming into focus *now* because since Stefan gave up everything to save him, he can't dispute the fact that Stefan loves him, and that he still loves Stefan. He wants to save him partially to make Elena happy, but I think more so because he believes for the first time in a long time that if he's saved, they *can* be true brothers again. And with the sense of that -- even unspoken, unacknowledged -- so close, it makes perfect sense that he would suddenly find himself longing for any sort of brothership. And Alaric fits that bill perfectly. The same goes for Stefan and Klaus. In the 1920's, there hadn't been as many years between that relationship of brotherly love, so it makes sense that Stefan would have been more inclined to grab on to someone that makes him feel something akin to that.

An interesting note about Stefan and Nic(Klaus), did anyone else get a flashback of Klaus telling Stefan to drink all of it in "As I Lay Dying" when Stefan was telling Liam to drink the glass of his wife's blood? I don't think it was supposed to be specifically paralleled, but since we had Klaus telling Stefan he learned some tricks from him -- which I didn't have a problem with, Klaus wouldn't still be around if he didn't adapt and pick up new tricks throughout the centuries -- I couldn't help but recall that moment.

Also, I do have to wonder if a part of why Klaus appears to dislike Damon so thoroughly is because Stefan was his "brother," and he was witness to the lengths that Stefan is willing to go to to save his actual brother. If he only knew Stefan from before when Stefan and Damon weren't even in each others orbits, it's likely that he had no idea just how complex and filled with love the Salvatore Brothers' dynamic was. But he got a first-hand account when Stefan offered up anything to save Damon, and he keeps picking at the idea of Damon dying now. He really doesn't like him, and yeah, I think it's because of how much Stefan loves him.

I gotta give props to the show. Everyone and their dog was trying to come up with some nefarious, mysterious and/or complicated reason as to why Klaus was so determined to have Stefan as his sidekick and it was just that he wants his buddy back. And I really, really liked that. Such a simple, but utterly believable reason -- fine, when taking into account that they are supernatural creatures -- that makes perfect sense. And, damnit, when Stefan was all moony-eyed towards Rebekah at the end, and then Klaus (with a wee bit of jealousy there, yeah?) called Stefan's name because he wanted him to turn to him, to look at him and remember him, he wanted his "brother" back, I was moved. I know, right? It's wrong, it's so wrong. It's KLAUS, for goodness' sake! But, but, but, he just wants his little buddy back! Gawd, I love this show so much.

~ Keeping It in the Family ~

I haven't read much commentary, but the little I have has been very kind towards my beloved Liz. And to that I say: AMEN! And thank you, Liz, for saying to Caroline what I've been saying about Liz supposedly not being a bad parent. (Per last week's write-up: [It] shows how awesome Liz is! That she was able to put aside her LIFELONG fear/hatred of vampires to accept ... because, damnit, Liz is THAT awesome.) These people have been programmed and trained throughout generations to hate vampires, and yet, Liz overcame that because she is that kind, and smart, and awesome and loves her daughter (and had already been pre-conditioned to accept the awesome a vampire can be because Damon Salvatore is her BFF!).

Not so awesome, but still completely understandable to me, was how her dad reacted. What I loved is that even while he was horribly torturing her (CAROLINE! MY LOVE!), there was never a moment where it wasn't crystal clear how very, very much he loves her. In his own way, he was showing the same kind of love that Liz has (and, obviously, to a lesser degree) for her. Instead of just killing the "monster" she'd become, he was trying to save her, to fix her, to turn her into something she is not. And I loved, loved, that they did not even remotely throw any anvils down that her gay father was trying to turn her against her own nature. It wasn't mentioned once in the episode that Bill is gay, in fact, it hasn't been explicitly stated since episode four of season 1, and hinted at in episode fifteen of that season. But the ironic, simplistic beauty of a gay man trying to "fix" the biological nature of someone was so understated, and so well-done. And Jack Coleman was just magnificent. Yes, Bill's love for Caroline was in the writing, but the scenes would not have been nearly as powerful had Coleman not sold a father's love her his daughter so completely.

And one more family dynamic explored tonight: The Originals. I love that Rebekah is another Original, and it wasn't hinted at at all anywhere in pre-press, in supposedly throw-away lines here and there prior to this episode. It was just a quick, awesomely shocking reveal mid-episode. And on a scale of one to unbelievably awesome how awesome was Rebekah? This girl is DEFINITELY Elijah's sister. That much awesome is clearly a shared family trait. And obviously Klaus' lack of complete awesome would be because he's only a half-sibling. *Snerk* Seriously, I just thought that Claire Holt was wonderful, fantastic, amazing. She clicked so very well with Paul Wesley, she was perfect as the loving, slightly snotty sister of Klaus. She was alternately sweet, bitchy, sincere, young, ancient and just all-around awesome. LOVED. HER.

Just one small note of 'okay then' about their storyline, though. So, uhm, Klaus just happened to have a dagger dipped in white ash handy on him in THAT specific moment or just in general? And if the latter, boy, does that show how much he trusted Rebekah. And if the former, shows that deep down he expected her to pick Stefan (which, of course, it's Stefan! Of course!) and was prepared. (Rather like Damon with Lexi in "162 Candles." He knew she could have easily chosen to run off and save her hide, but when she instead chose to attack Liz, he had the stake handy. That's right. I'll never stop reminding people that, stake handy or not, Lexi COULD HAVE RUN, but instead chose to ATTACK CAROLINE'S MOM and Damon saved HER life. Yeah.)

~ Issues, Some Have Them ~

Yeah, this whole Elena ignoring the Stefan-murdering-people is getting sad. I really, really hope that we are going to have a massive breakthrough/realization of how horrific this all is from her end. I think we are; in the meantime, I do understand (still) why Elena is not there yet. I genuinely believe that she is hanging on to her 'must save Stefan' mentality even though she knows that it is a lost cause at this point, because she simply can not deal with losing someone else. As I said last week: Her life has basically become a war -- those she loves on one side constantly under battle, at risk, their lives a moment away from being gone like that. Every single person that she loves now (excluding Matt and Tyler, and I wouldn't say she loves the latter) has LITERALLY died. Two of them died well before she knew them, but still, they died. She knows the price, she knows the loss. And she's clearly subconsciously decided that if it means risking people she doesn't know, she's going to not think about it because, damnit, she's lost too, too many people she loves already, and she refuses to lose anyone else, or not have someone come back from the brink.

So, as of now, I can still buy her ridiculous blinders. A perfect example was how she read Stefan's journal: Skimming through the entries until she could find the "good" Stefan. Anything that veered from that, she flipped right past. She is in utter and complete denial. She can not deal. And I get it for now. But not for much longer. I can hold out until sweeps, but if we don't get some sweeping (heh!) wake-up call before the end of those, I'm calling foul. But I do think it's coming. That look on her face when she realized she was looking at a list of his victims before she just shut it down, and quickly tried to turn it back to a "comfortable" place by putting it on Damon as being bad too was telling to me.

It's as I said above, she's in full-on-Elena-denial mode about everything, including Stefan's murders and that something between her and Damon. She's trying to act like nothing has changed because I think too much bad has happened and she simply is not emotionally ready to deal yet. So, she is clinging to the belief that Stefan is still the "good brother" that she loves and Damon is still the "bad brother" who annoys her. Think of the Elena we met in the Pilot, she was coming out of a four-month funk where she'd emotionally shut down. I think she's in a similar place. Not as bad, not as shut-down, but rather she's put herself and her viewpoint in stasis, and she's convinced herself that if she continues to believe, gets Stefan back to "normal," Damon kept in his place, her life can resume and she won't have to do yet another re-adjustment. It makes perfect, psychological sense. That dam just needs to eventually crack; I do believe that it will. I do. I have faith in this show.

Another issue I've seen mentioned elsewhere, but one I don't share at all is about Damon and Elena running off to rescue Stefan (again), but not caring about Caroline's absence. Uhm, what? It's clearly been like one day since she was taken. With all that has gone on, it's perfectly reasonable that Elena wouldn't have noticed that Caroline didn't call her in a 24-hour period (the Tennesee-trip day). They did not know, had absolutely no way of knowing, that Caroline had been kidnapped. Tyler chose to go to Liz, and clearly not even try and let Elena, Damon, et al. in on what was happening. How Damon and Elena are in any way at fault for not choosing to help and rescue Caroline is beyond me.

~ Whee! Random Stuffies! ~

- So is the original witch the original Petrova? The one the doppelgangers are based upon? I do wonder.

- Damon had some FABULOUS lines tonight. My personal favorite: {Gasp} "I'm shocked! Stefan's not a virgin?" It's all in the delivery, Mr. Somerhalder, and as always, you are brilliant.

- Ooh, another witch. And she's black. (Seriously, show? Come on. Spread the racial witchy wealth, m'kay?) But she was also pretty dang cool! And very cool that uber-powerful witches can slow down their aging with spells and herbs.

- Speaking of ... OH MY GOSH!!! Someone PREFERS Damon!??!?!?! Over Stefan?!?!?!?!? Is this The Vampire Diaries?!?!? Are we sure about that?

- So who is this Eric* dude? Is he another Original hunting them down? Is he another witch (ooh! maybe they are sharing the wealth!) who can age well? Or will we only see him in flashbacks? Intrigued, I am.

* Name apparently subject to change, but that's all we got right now. :)

- So Damon went shopping for Elena, and got her a short, short dress, that didn't do much to highlight cleavage. Can we take it then that Damon Salvatore is a leg man, and not so much a boob guy? * Okay, they may have packed the dress, but why would they? I still like the idea better that Damon bought the outfit cuz I'm weird like that, LOL! Never mind, I rewatched that part and Damon handed her an overnight bag, not a shopping bag as I originally thought. Ah well, it was a fun thought, hee!

- Katherine in a 20's Flapper bob. How cute!

- This was such a strong episode, that I didn't even notice until near the end that we hadn't seen hide nor hair of Jeremy, Bonnie, Matt and Alaric. (Still, I'm excited to have Jeremy and Bonnie back next week!)

Okay, if I forgot anything, I don't know what it was because I just went on and on here. Bottom-line, crappy sickness and my stupid couple-girl mentality dinged this episode a bit for me, but it was so very awesome that even those two things couldn't disguise its overall sheer awesome. And Caroline Dries scores again!
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