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3.02 - 'The Hybrid' (The Vampire Diaries)

Today was a rough day for me, I developed a migraine and went to bed shortly after the show finished, but woke up around 1:30 am so this isn't fresh off of watching, but I figured that I couldn't sleep and stuff was rolling around in my head, so I just wanted to get it out. Anyhoo, it's The Vampire Diaries, I loved it. 'Nuff said. :)

I'm just breaking this down into characters/duos/match-ups like last week. :)


- I love how he told her flat-out. I love how they were both pretty dang open with one another. A lot. I'm also at the point where I wish the show would bite the bullet and make Susan Walters a regular. She has slowly become the most third-dimensional truly adult character -- as opposed to Damon and Alaric who have both feet firmly planted in the 'teenager' groupings. I ADORED the morning after scene, her promise to fix things, to make things right, the teary way she smiled at him. Aah, Susan Walters has really made so much of this character. (I remember her days almost twenty years ago when she played a semi-bad girl on Loving.)

Tyler didn't quite redeem himself as much as I would have liked when thinking of his torture-hesitation, but his actions were responsible in getting Carol to try and save Caroline. And on that note, I never realized until this episode that Carol/Caroline. Intentional? Or just unintentional semi-creepiness there?


Because of speculation that Bill was Caroline's father, I was expecting it, but, honestly, I think I would have at the very least suspected it even without that speculation. Still, it wasn't one of those (even only slightly) surprising moments that still worked. From the moment Carol called Bill back, right until she actually said it, I was expecting him to walk into where Caroline was, and her to say hopefully "Daddy?" And that's exactly what happened. And it was awesome.

Oh, this is gonna be goo--oood!

And it must be said again, because, dayum, it was the first thing I thought of when we saw Caroline sitting in that chair. Holy crap, does that dress made Candice Accola's boobs look AWESOME! I am sorry, but it so does.


Oh, Stefan, I think I'm gonna like Ripper!Stefan much better than emo!Fake!Martyr!Stefan. I say this because the Stefan we saw in tonight's episode was pretty much the Stefan we've gotten for two seasons, and, well, as much as I liked that Stefan, the Stefan we saw in last week's episode was much, much more interesting. Sorry, but so true. This Stefan was a bit boring. As to the why of "Fake!Martyr" well, when he was standing there with a werewolf bite on his arm, knowing that he could/would die, well, he could have. He could have pulled Ray away from Damon, got them out of there, and basically laid himself open to more bites, suffering, and let himself die. But he didn't, he won't. And it makes me think to the last few years; he hates himself so much, hates killing people, blah, blah, well, if he feels that badly about it, and knows that he can't stop (quoting Stefan himself here), then why doesn't he just save all of those future victims and step into the sun? Because he's a selfish dude.

I love him, but he is so fucking selfish. And like last week, proving that with his phone call to Elena -- which made killing Andie UTTERLY POINTLESS! and gee, thanks, Damon for NOT pointing that out at all!* -- this week, he proved it all over again by standing in the trees, just barely in Elena's sight-line. Sure, he moved before she truly saw him, but she caught the teensiest glimpse that made her believe he was there, once again giving her, as well as Damon earlier, the drive to continue to search for him.

So selfish. So unthinkingly selfish. I know it's not deliberate, I know that, but every one else sees him as much of a sensitive martyr-guy too that no one calls him on it, and it just makes me wanna scream some time. Yes, Damon sucks. Yes, Damon is terrible. Yes, Damon is still capable of terrible things. But damnit, Stefan is just as freaking terrible in an entirely different way.

* Damon's actions/words this episode proved to me that I was right about his feelings about Andie. He cared about her as his distraction, but didn't really *care* about her -- it was all about her murder being the point that made him believe that Stefan was beyond saving that upset him.


Aww, Stefan ripped out someone's heart to save Damon. Awww. As Damon said, despite everything, Stefan is just not willing to let Damon die, and so he can't let Stefan die. Awww. I do admit that this was the one aspect of Stefan-as-we-know-him that I enjoyed: the fact that he couldn't even remotely hide his love for Damon in their conversation. Double awww.


I am sorry, but that scream of anger? annoyance? was kinda lame. Other than that, I enjoyed Klaus. I also enjoyed us learning that his whole hybrid-race plan is never going to work as long as Elena is alive. Interesting, and great way to make it matter to Klaus that Elena is still alive other than as a petty revenge factor -- he has enough people he wants to kill based on that factor, it gets old. I do have to hand it to Morgan, though, I actually -- geez! -- felt a teeny bit sorry (I know!) for Klaus when all of his dream soldier/comrades were falling apart on him. He was so bummed, we've never truly seen Klaus upset. So, good on Morgan.


Ooh, interesting! Vicki -- as in life -- is the selfish bad girl, and Anna -- the sweet, good girl (based on Flashbacks and how much of her humanity she'd retained) -- appear to be so in ghostly fashion as well. Maybe it's my dislike of Vicki, but I'm choosing to believe Anna in this, because again, it's soin character for Vicki to be selfish about this.

I do still contend that bringing Matt into this via the Vicki-ghost angle is brilliant, but alas, Steven R. McQueen and Zach Roerig don't have much chemistry. McQueen has it in spades with Michael Trevino and Ian Somerhalder (and Matt Davis), but it's just not happening with Roerig. And, yeah, that does make this storyline -- thus far -- a tad boring. I can't wait until they start bringing the other characters into it. Which brings me to a point I realized when I did my season 2 rewatch that is continuing to be obvious this season: Roerig is so very much the weakest actor in this cast. Again, show, how could you kill off the luminous, uber-talented Sara Canning, and keep the weakest, most boring actor of your cast? *Sigh* With that said, I did like Matt's scene with Tyler. He was so offering to help Tyler out re: his werewolf turn, and Tyler was kind of a dick blowing him off. But then, that's Tyler, he's always been kind of a dick.


Ah, the bromance continues. I just love it so, period. Not much actual interaction with them and stuff, but any moment was just good because they are good. I loved that he called Damon, and had to laugh, because I suppose that's pretty much become the rule of thumb: When Elena goes on a potentially suicidal mission, the cavalry calls in Damon.

- Alaric assuming it was Damon waking him up. Whee!!! God, I love these two. EVERY SINGLE MOMENT THAT REVOLVES AROUND THEM.

- Also, loved Damon calling Alaric "brother." Sigh. Love them so. :)


I admit, I wish they'd pushed this arc a little longer, but I suppose (hope) we can still see the growing pains of Alaric adjusting. Still, I enjoyed their scenes. I enjoyed that every conversation with them basically called Alaric out on the things I mentioned in my rewatch post.

I love me some Alaric, anyone who reads my journal knows that. I LOVE ME SOME ALARIC. With that said, the more I think about that final scene with Elena I just want to smack his ever-loving, long-time-no-shaved face. Because Alaric? Was being a total selfish dick! Dude, he's a high school teacher. He KNOWS that just because someone is eighteen doesn't suddenly make them an adult. This girl -- yes, Alaric, GIRL! -- lost her parents, then her entire world was turned topsy-turvy, then she lost her birth mother, then her aunt, then her birth father, and then her boyfriend took off on a psychotic serial killing frenzy. But, she's eighteen now, no problem. She can handle running a household, taking care of her drugged-up once again younger brother, going to school, getting ready for her adult life, on top of all of the supernatural crazy that surrounds her life. She doesn't need an adult around at all. Especially one who KNOWS ALL THE SHIT THAT IS GOING ON! Especially one who loves her and her brother like they were his family. No, not at all.

Seriously, come on, Ric!

Yes, yes, I do get that he's going through a lot himself. And that he doesn't get just how much his presence is helping to keep them grounded, but oh, Ric. Wake up, sweetie, and realize it."
Yup, Elena pretty much called him out on all of that, either through snarky commentary, or flat-out laying it out there. And I loved that she gave him the ring back. And that he stopped being stupid and took it.

Sadly, because they do have chemistry -- in that they work well together -- I expect there to be a strong interest in Elena/Alaric as a pairing after this episode, and I find that kinda ... gross? They are clearly going for a father/daughter type of relationship here and that is what I believe is coming across. Ah well, it's a shipping world.


This episode once again drove it home that Elena's morality has so shifted from a light, almost-white gray to a darkish-gray one since becoming entrenched in this supernatural world. A couple of strangers, and potentially tons and tons of others, would have to die if she went through the sacrifice, but that was all fine and dandy to her, and not even worth thinking of, if it meant that her loved ones remained safe. And now, she knows for sure that Stefan has killed a bunch of people, he killed someone she knew -- but clearly did not care about -- just to make a point, but as long as those she cares about are good, she just brushes aside those other dead people. On one hand, it bothers me, because, hello! dead people galore! and it doesn't even seem to process with her that her beloved boyfriend is making these people dead, and in a horribly graphic ways. On the other, it makes sense.

Her life has basically become a war -- those she loves on one side constantly under battle, at risk, their lives a moment away from being gone like that. Every single person that she loves now (excluding Matt and Tyler, and I wouldn't say she loves the latter) has LITERALLY died. Two of them died well before she knew them, but still, they died. She knows the price, she knows the loss. And she's clearly subconsciously decided that if it means risking people she doesn't know, she's going to not think about it because, damnit, she's lost too, too many people she loves already, and she refuses to lose anyone else, or not have someone come back from the brink.

Also, this *is* a supernatural show, and there is just a different gloss of reality that one must apply to the proceedings in order to make the show work. It's what literature calls "the willing suspension of disbelief." In reality, Elena would say "Fuck this shit, I'm taking my brother and we are getting the hell outta dodge!" In show-reality, that's not an option. If it were, we would have no show. In reality, Elena would be all "HELL TO THE NO!" to Damon (of course, she wouldn't even be speaking to him, she would have staked his ass long ago well before she got to the worrying stage). She would be all "You're cute and all, Stefan. We had some good times, but HASTA LA VISTA, BABY!" (and probably stake him too with tears in her eyes). But again, no show, and/or dealing with all of the murder-fall-out realistically would pretty much grind all storytelling, plots, etc. and all other character-driven story to a complete and utter halt because there would barely be any time for anything else. So, yes, I accept it. I willingly suspend my disbelief because almost everything else about this show is so freaking awesome. It IS a supernatural show and when your "heroes/anti-heroes" are vampires who kill, well, you kinda have to accept that it's a different reality.

On a much more positive-Elena related note, while, yes, it's ignoring all those dead people, I do love how Elena was so pro-active. Getting the information from Ric, pumping Tyler for more concrete information and then basically blackmailing Ric to come along by threatening to go alone, then convincing Damon to do what she wanted (I'm sure, the wet cleavage -- intentional or not -- helped). Again, I love how the females on this show get shit done!

Damon/Elena (and a bit more of Damon/Stefan)

Damon and Elena. Damon and Elena. Sigh. I can't express how much I LOVED that last line from him to her. I don't even know if I can put it into words properly yet, but I'll try. To me it said that Damon is not going to play around and take advantage while Stefan is gone. Damon is not playing second fiddle to his brother anymore. Damon is damn-well aware that there is most definitely SOMETHING between them and is letting her know now that he is not going to let her bury it and pretend it was never there once Stefan is back. She will deal; THEY will deal. It is there, it is real and it will be explored. And I uber-loved that even though Ric didn't hear what was said between them, he saw Damon leave her room, saw the aftermath on her face, in the stillness of her body to know that something happened (again) between them and called her on it. And, for the first time -- HALLELUJA! -- she didn't, couldn't deny it. Even if she said she didn't know how to deal, she was still acknowledging that, yeah, it was there.

Also, whatever that old adage about actors sleeping together not having chemistry anymore is, it most certainly does NOT apply to Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev because OH. MY. LORD! was the chemistry off-the-charts like WHOAH! in that scene. Especially in those final moments, when he moved to her said that awesomely awesome line: "Because when I drag my brother back from the edge and deliver him to you, I want you to remember the things you felt while he was gone." Then the way he just held her gaze, his hands first framing her face, thumbs slightly brushing her cheeks, then falling into her hair, his fingers pulling through the strands, her holding onto his gaze right back, then falling away, to his lips, the gulp she took, the closeness, the fact that it was so crystal-clear that a kiss was so on both of their minds, it was just so ... ohmygod! FLAILING!SQUEEING!BREATHLESS!AAAAAAHHHHHH! And, again, like last week, he did not push. And he REALLY could have this time. He could have kissed her and I honestly do not see how she would not have kissed him back. But he didn't, because as I said above, he's not taking advantage of Stefan's absence.

Which brings me to another point this scene brings home. One of the things I love about this triangle -- which is actually *FINALLY!* starting to play out as one -- is that Damon's love for Stefan is NOT about Elena. It is separate from what is going on between Damon and Elena. And I think that is awesome. Damon can acknowledge those feelings she has for Stefan, accept them, finally admit that he doesn't want his brother dead, he wants to save him, he wants him back (even if he's throwing that stupid responsibility clause around :rolls eyes: -- those boys!), but other than him wanting Elena to be happy, and him knowing that Stefan's safe return will make her happy, it's not about Elena. It's about Stefan, and *their* relationship. Likewise, he made it perfectly clear with that last line that what is going on between he and Elena has nothing to do with Stefan. It's there, it's real, it's between the two of them. Period. True, it needed Stefan gone to fully begin to blossom, but again, proves the point ... it's not about Stefan.

On the other hand, I can't help but think now of how much Damon has become a part of Stefan and Elena's relationship. Stefan constantly needing Elena to reassure him of her love whenever she showed the slightest bit of concern for Damon. Elena kissing Stefan (more passionately than we'd just about ever had seen) in front of Damon to piss him off. Stefan and Elena's big blood-sharing moment ... brought on by Damon's urging. Stefan and Elena's break-up ... Damon overheard and tried to apologize, tried to help patch it up. The necklace that started out as symbol of Stefan wanting to protect Elena (from Damon!) has now become imbued with so much more emotional attachment between Damon and Elena. It's just ... interesting.

- Man, oh man, I cracked up so hard when Damon threw Elena in the water. It was wrong, so wrong, but so freaking hilarious.

- I also cracked up for a different reason when Damon gave in so easily to Elena. He's so whipped. SO WHIPPED! But yes, he's miraculously managed to still keep his awesome bad-assery. How is he that awesome? I do not know, but he is.

- While I may have had one issue with the scene (see below), I did love that Elena was ready to be gone, go, vamoose, get the hell outta there when Damon was in danger. (And he called her on it, yes!) Plus, while she may have taken off with Ric, she did want to stay and help Damon, and included him in her concerns (Stefan is out there, and now so is Damon) when she and Ric were waiting in the car.

- I actually kinda like that Damon's comment about the kiss -- and, yeah, phew! I was wrong, I thought that it was supposed to be in the premiere, clearly it was in the first few episodes, specifically this one -- was this casual, throwaway one. I liked it because it let us know what we needed, add that bit of an undercurrent that made their final scene even stronger, and was just yet another deliciously awesome Damon line. "Unless you want to relive that whole deathbed/kissy thing." BWAH!!! "Deathbed/kissy thing." Cracked me up.

- Damn, how much did I love the delivery of "What changed your mind, E-LEN-A?" in that final scene. It was just ... ooh, so, so, yummily perfect. Ian Somerhalder just rocks the line deliveries SO HARD>

Random Stuffies

- Damnit! We FINALLY get Damon/Elena-heavy previouslies, and they decide to do a change-up right away and the Damon/Elena-ness of it is GONE, while the Stefan/Elena stuff is front and center again. Grrr!

- Wow. I can't give overall praise because the fake dye still sucks ass, and it's still too long and shaggy, but Damon's hair looked about a ZILLION times better in this episode. If it's got to be that awful color and cut, at least they styled it better. Keep it up. (Or you know, ditch the terribly obvious fake dye, and give him a great trim. That would work too.)

- No Bonnie. AT ALL. GRRR!

- Didn't want to put it in the giddy Damon/Elena section, so two small complaints here. The first I'm rather shocked about:

1) I was really unimpressed with Nina Dobrev's final "Damon, now" when she was trying to get them to leave. It lacked an urgency that I expected, and I don't know, sounded wooden. And that's something I've read other accuse Dobrev's acting of being, but I've certainly never seen it before, especially on this show. So, yeah, I was very surprised by that. One line, only, true, but still it stood out.

2) As much as I adored that final scene, it bugged me every time I watched it (and I've watched it PLENTY LOTS already) that he has his hands in her hair, his forehead is almost touching hers they are so close, he says "Good night" and as he says "night," the angle switches to his point of view and suddenly he's noticeably farther away from her face than he was less than a second ago. Camera angles and all, I know, but this CLEARLY was two different takes, and not just the angle. It (sadly) throws me out of the scene for a moment every time. :Sniff:

- Hah, Elena telling Ric to take the ropes. Damon taking them, burning his hands, getting all pissy, and Elena reminding him, "I said Ric." Hee.

- I kinda wish we hadn't gotten the wet Elena/Damon stills until after the episode aired because I did expect more from them -- especially based on Carina MacKenzie's comment (reminds me yet again as to why I am so terribly unimpressed with her) that it was a flirty, fun moment between them. Clearly her definition of fun and flirty differs from mine. There was nothing flirty about those scenes. Nothing. Sure, there was great banter, and as always, Dobrev and Somerhalder have great zing with their interaction, but they were not flirting. Elena was DEFINITELY not flirting, she was annoyed. Damon was DEFINITELY not flirting. He was pissed. Still, their interaction was -- as always -- great, and I always get a kick out of Alaric's reaction to seeing the two of them like this, in a way that nobody else ever does.

There is probably bunches more I'm missing that I'll hopefully pick up on my rewatch. Bottom-line, I loved it. I loved my show. I still am waiting for that WOW! episode though. It will come soon enough, I have no doubt, though. :) This IS The Vampire Diaries after all.
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