Arabian (arabian) wrote,

'Ringer' and 'The Secret Circle' thoughts

Well, I finally watched Ringer and The Secret Circle. I really, really liked one. The other? Not so much.

I really wish I could say that the one I really, really liked was Ringer, if only because it means that I'd want to watch the show beyond Jason Dohring's upcoming appearance. Alas, yeah, no. It was just silly? And cheap-looking. Both Bridget and Siobhan were not likable characters, for different reasons. Siobhan is a cold-hearted bitch, and Bridget is pathetic. Her sweeping into Siobhan's life just seemed so incredible, and her explanation just didn't work, definitely not as presented. I just, yeah, I wasn't impressed. And I couldn't even begin to judge SMG's acting as the twins because in "their" scenes together, all I could concentrate on was how bad the technical aspect was. It looked like cheap, split-screen. It was obvious it was the same actress cut into the same shot.

Normally, I probably wouldn't be so picky, but The Vampire Diaries has had several scenes with Elena and Katherine (both played by Nina Dobrev) and the technical aspect is completely seamless. It truly comes across as if you have two different actresses on screen together. Then there is the acting, where you can completely tell them apart, and they seem like two distinct characters. Based on the little bit of Siobhan we saw, there didn't seem to be that huge a difference between her and Bridget.

Hopefully it gets better. Of course, even if it doesn't, I'll stick around for my beloved Jason.

As for the one I really, really liked, that would be The Secret Circle. I thought all of the young actors were good, there was already some depth and interesting character stuff to the youngin's and the adults aren't idiots. I'm intrigued already by different aspects, and the overall look of the show was gorgeous. Brit Robertson is wonderful; Thomas Dekker is adorable. Phoebe Tonkin deserves all of the praise she's getting simply because we're already seeing some dimension to her bitchy Faye. And Shelly Henning shocked the hell out of me. She was wooden, charisma-less and plain awful as Stephanie for four years on Days of Our Lives. She was charming and quite good as Diana in this.

The bottom-line is that this is a great companion piece to The Vampire Diaries, fitting quite smoothly with it (much better than Nikita -- which I also enjoy). In fact, this Pilot was loads better than TVD's Pilot. (Not that I expect it to reach TVD-levels of awesome because a show as awesome as TVD comes along once in a blue moon, but this looks promising to be a pretty good damn hour of television following the awesome.) Everything was gelling and just ... working. I really liked it.
Tags: jason dohring, ringer, the secret circle, the vampire diaries, tv

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