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Stefan/Caroline vs Stefan/Elena

I've been so gung-ho for Stefan/Caroline, thinking how perfect they'd be for each other, and yet I'm so opposed to Stefan and Elena, and think he's not a very good boyfriend to her, so I was trying to figure out what it is beyond my uber-love for Damon/Elena. So I decided to work out the list of things that I dislike about Stefan and Elena and compare/contrast this with Stefan and Caroline and why it isn't an issue.

1.) Their chemistry is subpar for me. I mean, I do think that they have chemistry, but it is a muted, sweet type. The muted doesn't work for me at all, and I'm fine with sweet, but I like spice with my sweet.

2.) Because of that chemistry being only of the muted, sweet variety, the fact that their storyline together doesn't have a lot of spark and fire in it, the chemistry feels even more muted. (Ie, Katherine and Stefan come across as more chemical than do Stefan and Elena, even though Katherine and Elena are played by the same actress. Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley have that sweet chemistry, however, because of the storyline that's all hot and sparky between Stefan and Katherine, as opposed to the sweet, non-passionate one between Stefan and Elena, I find much more heat between the former.)

3.) Stefan essentially stalked Elena for five to seven months. I find that incredibly creepy. And the fact that he did so to make sure she didn't act like Katherine didn't make it any better. It's like he decided that Elena was the "good parts version" of Katherine after cataloguing her pros and cons during his observation period. And, again, I just find that creepy.

4.) Stefan lies like a rug to Elena. And if he's not lying, he's lying like a rug by omission to Elena. On a constant, consistent basis. Keeping secrets from his past over and over, after telling her that he won't keep any more, and then keeping more secrets, more details.

5.) And if he's not lying (either flat-out or by omission), he's white-washing who he is, his actions, his past, his misdeeds because he's ashamed of his dark past, that part of him.

06.) On that note, when with Elena, they tend to bury their heads in the sand and try and pretend to be "normal," which they most assuredly are not. The fact that Elena thought the worst thing about being a vampire was wanting to drink blood is just insane.

07.) And on *that* note, Stefan and Elena do have a sameness to them that might work in real life, but on a fictional drama, it gets pretty durn boring to watch. I can only watch them have variations on the same conversation so many times before wanting to walk out of the room.

08.) Elena and Stefan make each other stupid. They are such stupid, stupid teenagers together. With Elena, Stefan completely loses his cool. With Stefan, Elena pretty much loses the functioning of her brain cells. I do believe that the vampire mythology on the show is that their personality is based on their respective death age and that that never changes. It certainly explains why Stefan is SUCH a stupid, emo, idealistic, teenage BOY! with regards to Elena.

So, looking at all of these factors, let's break down why they don't even remotely apply to my beloved Stefan and Caroline potential pairing.

1.) Paul Wesley and Candice Accola have chemistry like WHOAH! It first reared its head in their bathroom scene in 2.02 when Stefan was comforting Caroline, and continued in sparkly glory in 2.03. They had a few more scenes in 2.09 that continued to highlight their chemistry, but it was their interaction at Caroline's door in 2.13 that really drove it home. Obviously not intended as romantic, there was still an air of tension and squee about them that played as romantic because of the dynamite chemistry between Wesley and Accola.

2.) While their current storyline (well, last season's anyway and what little of them we saw -- *sniffsniff*) didn't have a lot of the push/pull, yin/yang dynamic that I generally find myself falling for in my preferred OTPs, because of their chemistry, every moment with them still sang and zinged. The little moments of friendly disagreement had that push/pull *because* of their chemistry. And the more weighted moments (Stefan reacting to Caroline's kidnapping, the afore-mentioned door scene) held an overwhelming amount of tension and left this viewer riveted, again, because that chemistry had me savoring and enjoying every moment between the two.

3.) Stefan never stalked Caroline. Period. Caroline did a brief bit when they first met, but it was standard high schooler likes cute new boy finds out all the deets on him, end of story. Nothing stalkery or creepy about that.

4.) Beyond last season where, of course, there was lying because Caroline was one of those in-the-dark humans, but they barely interacted. This season -- which is when the ship really set sail -- there have been almost no lies from day two her vampirism. Yes, there was the bit where Caroline was trying to break Elena and Stefan up at Katherine's demand, but she wasn't actively pulling those strings with Stefan, and everything she told Elena about Stefan (as a vampire) was actually true.

As for Stefan and Caroline together, they don't lie. They are actually incredibly honest with one another, probably the two most honest characters with one another. Everyone else lies to each other for some reason or another (generally for protective purposes), but that's not necessary between Stefan and Caroline. They are both vampires, she is trying to follow his "good" vampire path, so they have that in common. Stefan told Caroline more about the reality of being a vampire in a few days than he's ever said to Elena. Yes, yes, she is a vampire and needs this information. However, Elena is his girlfriend, spending large amounts of time with him ... she should really be getting that information too.

05.) Obviously, it's because Caroline is a vampire too now, but the fact of the matter remains that Stefan has been completely honest with her regarding his struggles and how difficult things are for him as a vampire. This is something that he doesn't do with Elena, he whitewashes all instances when he wasn't a "good" vampire. So far we haven't seen him do the same with Caroline.

06.) Again, we have the vampire aspect, and this ties into the above points -- Stefan doesn't pretend to be normal with Caroline, as he does with Elena. He faces what they are dealing with head-on without burying his head in the sand, something that Elena -- with a similar type of personality -- practically encourages he do because she does the same herself. Caroline faces things head on and wouldn't let Stefan fall into that pattern. She embraces challenges and turns lemons into lemonade, and based on what we know of both their personalities, she'd drag Stefan head-long into that as opposed to letting him try and put a band-aid on a problem and pretend it doesn't exist.

07.) Stefan and Elena have a similar type of personality and this is a problem when they are facing massive amounts of danger on a regular basis, and they choose to, oh, I don't know, go and look at waterfalls instead of making sure that everyone they love is safe and protected like, oh, I don't know, her human aunt who's just been introduced to the crazy and is left all alone with the very real possibility of falling prey to the dangerous forces barely held at bay. But this is what Stefan and Elena do. They've done so all throughout their relationship, and the last couple of times it's led to terrible things happening. All because they want to bury their heads in the sand, play at being "normal," and they encourage that type of behavior in the other. It's not good.

08.) Perhaps because Caroline does see Stefan as older now, and not on the same "level" as them -- which, again, comes into play because Stefan doesn't pretend to be normal for Caroline -- Caroline, while herself, doesn't act especially teen-ager-y stupid with him. She doesn't keep things from him, she reasons things out with him, she listens to him, but doesn't treat everything he says as gospel. She has her own mind and uses it. Plus, I do think that since she looks up to Stefan, and she *does* think of him as older and not a teenager like her, she tries to think older, act older and be more mature.

On the other hand, because Caroline isn't a human with whom he feels the need to be normal with (but rather can be himself), he calls her on her behavior when she is being, well, stupid (which he has done to Elena exactly once). He doesn't tiptoe on eggshells around her, he doesn't acquiesce to every thought, desire she has because he's not afraid of losing her, which is definitely the case with Elena. In addition, when you take into account the whole vampire mythology, your personality is based on your respective death age, well, both Stefan and Caroline were turned when they were 17. :)

So, looking at all of those things, yeah, it's very easy to see why I think that Stefan and Caroline are ACES, and why I think that even though Stefan is a lousy boyfriend for Elena, he'd be PERFECT for Caroline. :D

Stefan and Caroline: MEANT TO BE FOR ALL ETERNITY!
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