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VM Unpopular Opinions

There was a great thread on a soap board I was on once and it popped into my head recently, so I thought I'd do it for Veronica Mars. I'm fairly certain most (if not) all of these are unpopular, but who knows? And it would be interesting to read unpopular opinions from others ...

Here be mine:

  • Lamb does absolutely nothing for me. At all.

  • I really love Tessa Thompson and think that past her first episode she did a fabulous job with what she was given (esp. ANMMHE).

  • I think that Duncan Kane had the most complex characterization in S1, but that complexity was greatly dimmed by the actor.

  • I really wish that Jason Dohring HAD been cast as Duncan (see why for #3).

  • I find the Keith/Veronica relationship a little disturbing. I've been watching season one scenes and it's like both EC and KB play it sometimes like Keith and Veronica are true soulmates and madly in love as opposed to a very close father/daughter. I don't know sometimes, it's just a little bit squicky for me.

  • I really prefer Wallace solely as a sidekick to Veronica (or even Logan like in IAG). His stories (chick from TWoC, S1, his dad, Jackie, Jane, Jackie in S2) pretty much bored me senseless and I wasn't horribly impressed with PDIII's acting outside of that sidekick role.

  • I get squicked out by any sexual innuendo of any kind between Veronica and Dick because of what happened in ATttD.

  • I really don't think that Logan and Veronica need to break-up/have other love interests to remain interesting. They've got layers, depth, issues, excellent actors playing them and beyond fabulous chemistry.

  • I'm pretty 'eh' about Mac; I would lose Mac and get Meg in her place in a heartbeat. Also, I found Mac/Beaver mildly cute, but mostly boring.

  • I really, really hate Logan's puka shell necklace.
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