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The Vampire Diaries -- Season 02 Top 25 Favorite Bits

Same as season 01, originally, this was favorite moments, but some of the moments are a bit longer than a "moment," some are even just full scenes, so ... favorite bits! Here are my 25 favorite season 02 bits. These are presented chronologically because, again, I'm not EVEN gonna try and put this in any order, LOL!

The Vampire Diaries - Season 02's Top 25 Bits

01.) 2.01 - The Return (Featuring Damon and Stefan)

I liked all of the Damon/Stefan scenes from this episode, but it was this one -- and Stefan specifically -- that had me all a'goo. Outside with the two of them when Stefan said that Damon cared about Elena and he didn't want Katherine to destroy that part of Damon that can still care, then got all close and was all being an awesome brother, I nearly cried. It was just beautiful. I just, man, I loved it so much. Stefan loves Damon so very much and he really just wants his big brother back, the brother that loved him and he could look up to and adore and want to be just like! And it's moments like these -- never illustrated better than here -- that show that so clearly.

02.) 2.02 - "Brave New World" (Featuring Damon and Elena)

This was one the most emotionally charged moments of the season for me. When Elena turned to face Damon's oncoming staking of Caroline, positioning her body to take the force of it, thinking correctly that Damon -- with his super-fast vampire reflexes -- would pull up in time, I was like WHOAH! So intense, the way their eyes met, the way he paused, looking at her, while she used the leverage she knows she does have with him. And despite all that happened, the fact that not only was she able to do that, but that Damon gave in ... just, yeah, whoah!

03.) 2.02 - "Brave New World" (Featuring Stefan and Caroline)

A brand new ship totally set sail with a strong wind at its back with the Stefan/Caroline bathroom scene, and I am so on board! Matt and Caroline are sweet, Caroline and Tyler have a great story, but damn, Stefan and Caroline were like whoah! I honestly think that Paul Wesley and Candice Accola's chemistry in this scene is evidence of the second-best chemistry among actors on this show. The way he comforted her, held her and was just all-around awesome, had me swooning. And this scene for me was one of the rare ones where Stefan truly did come across 100% as THE guy, the perfect, awesome, fantastic, place a halo on his head and call it a day, guy that he's sold as with Elena that I rarely see him as. (There are always undercurrents, lies, omissions, secrets between those two.) He was all there, all heart, all concern, and when he told her that he wouldn't let anything happen to her, I believed him, and then he took her in his arms and cradled her and I was just a puddle of goo. (Stefan clearly illicited that reaction from me a lot in the early part of the season huh?)

04.) 2.04 - "Memory Lane" (Featuring Stefan and Katherine)

We obviously know the lengths that Katherine will go to save herself, but this small thing -- deliberately forcing such incredible pain on herself for years -- is just so indicative of how freaking bad-ass Katherine is. And, on top of that, the fact that she sat there letting Stefan be all emo-boy, threaten her, insult her and pretty much be a total (deserved) dick to her just to spend time with him? Oh, Katherine, such a romantic at heart. (Hah!) It was just such a cool moment when she almost casually broke free of those pitiful chains and informed him that she was immune, and had been letting him play at being in control the whole time, but, of course, she was still the HBIC all the while.

05.) 2.06 "Plan B" (Featuring Jenna, Elena, Alaric and Katherine)

I'd talked about how utterly stupid Stefan and Elena were with their whole fake break-up, and so this moment was not only awesome in its shocking OMG!Jenna just fucking stabbed herself!-ness, but it was a moment of vindication for me. Yeah, it wasn't just my newly-found anti-Stefan/Elena mentality, it *was* stupid what they were doing, and they paid the consequences. Or rather, poor Jenna did. Man, oh man. Sara Canning -- as always, why, show, why!?!?!? -- did a fabulous job. Even in the image above you can see the compelled zombie-fied look on her face, and the moments before that when she casually turned the knife towards herself and then, of course, the stabbing, just sold, man, sold like it was Black Friday.

06.) 2.07 - "Masquerade" (Featuring Caroline and Katherine)

I so, so loved this moment as a die-hard-from-episode-one Caroline Fan. How she used that selfish, neurotic part of herself to fool Katherine -- who clearly does not realize the awesome that resides inside one Miss Caroline Forbes -- was just BOOYAH! And fool her so well did she. Then the toppr was her exultant "I did it!" I so, so, sooo loved it and dang, girl, so earned that pride and glee reflected in her beaming smile. You go with your bad-ass self, Caroline, you go!

07.) 2.07 - "Masquerade" (Featuring Damon and Katherine)

Oh, this magnificent, magnificent scene. Nina Dobrev did a fantastic job as Katherine -- and it's the memory of her screaming as the tomb shuts that stays with me. The way she was yelling "you need me!" and hitting, scrabbling at the rock foundation was raw and gut-wrenching and so very well done. However, emotionally, Ian Somerhalder owned my soul in this one, selling the heck out of where Damon's head was here. It was such beautiful poetic justice that it was Damon taking care of Katherine, and how! Locking her away in the tomb. How awesomely sweet was that? And the look and sigh on his face after he'd closed the door and turned his back on her was just fantastic. There was regret, there was pain, but there was also determination and relief. Just so very good.

08.) 2.08 - "Rose" (Featuring Damon and Elena)

This scene was simply beautiful. Damon saying what was in his heart without a joke or a jibe, without anything hidden, showing the good man that does reside within but has been so eroded by years of his vampiric ways. And Elena listened. That was what was so wonderful from her end, beyond her initial protest, she stood there and she listened to his every word, without compulsion, without fighting, she took in everything he said. My single favorite moment was his "I don't deserve you." Ah, the way he lingered just slightly on "deserve," and Elena's visible reaction to him saying that, heck her reaction to all he was saying. Just, man, everything about it. It really was a beautifully romantic moment, took my breath away, but filled me with so much pain on Damon's behalf. Oh, show!

09.) 2.09 - "Katerina" (Featuring Elijah, busker, Damon, Rose and Slater)

Elijah is so badder than bad-ass. Seriously, man, Elijah is just awesome. Not just taking the busker's coins, but replacing them with a 100-dollar bill from his neat stack of bills, so kind, such a gentleman. Calmly taking in the information he wanted and then whamm-o, throwing the coins at the window. So cool. He's just ... oh, if you weren't a fictional, 1,000-year-old vampire, I'd beg you to marry me!

10.) 2.10 - "The Sacrifice" (Featuring Jeremy and Bonnie)

Bless you, Steven R. McQueen. It was his ad-lib that gave us this uber-hot moment. It wasn't scripted for Jeremy to try and kiss Bonnie here, but McQueen just thought it fit the scene and went for it, and thankfully the producers kept it in. And yay for that, because it was, as stated, uber-hot. These two are generally my couple equivalent of sunshine, puppies and rainbows, but that didn't stop me from enjoying this lustier moment between them. And, gah, Jeremy calling her out on the fact that it is so there for both of them, and her not denying it. So good, I loved it. SQUEE!

11.) 2.12 - "The Descent" (Featuring Damon and Jessica)

Oh my God. Just. WOW! That is easily the best acting I've ever seen from Ian Somerhalder. It was just amazing. And the writing was so fantastic, so many killer lines (adopt a puppy, you are my existential crisis, a man can take only so much pain), the actress playing Jessica did a fantastic job with such a small role. But, man, oh, man, Ian was just phenomenal. Damon was just breaking my heart over and over. When he said that his big secret is that he misses being a human, and then you go back to the earlier lines where he talked about why he hasn't said it, because it won't change anything. I just, gah! My heart just broke for him, and Ian's delivery ... man. I was near tears. SO DAMN GOOD! Just amazing, amazing, amazing.

And that one line in the midst of it about not being able to be what SHE wants him to be just gutted me because it was about the whole gamut of it which is symbolized by Elena, her continued faith/belief in him. That one line, that one emphasized word made it crystal clear exactly what had brought this all on, everything building to this. Not so much Rose dying (or rather Damon staking her), but that everyone knew that he was upset about it, kept pushing him, it was all about that humanity showing. Gah, this scene was just so well done, so heartbreaking. And, of course, he killed her. Of course he did. Had he not, it would have played false with the character. He's not there yet, he's not ready, but lordy, the fact that it was so hard for him, and was so very much about proving his non-humanness is a huge sign of growth. He IS getting there. But still, oh Damon! I mean, damn, watch it again ... it's A-MAZ-ING!

12.) 2.13 - "Daddy Issues" (Featuring Damon, werewolf)

Man, oh, man, I thought the whole vampire vs. werewolf fight was awesome, but this moment! Oh, my! Best part, period and hands down one of THE coolest moments on the show: Random werewolf comes flying off the roof; Damon rips his heart out mid-flight. DAMON. RIPS. THE. WERE'S. HEART. OUT. IN. FUCKING. MID-FLIGHT! YES! Werewolf comes crashing down, Damon stands there with bloody heart in hand. Because Damon Salvatore is that un-fucking-believably bad-ass. I LOVED IT!

12.) 2.13 - "Daddy Issues" (Featuring Stefan and Caroline)

I love this (and it's the whole scene) because of not only the uber-shippiness of Stefan/Caroline, but also simply because of Caroline and her quiet awesome on display. That key line ("I'm not girly little Caroline anymore.") really represented the very truth of Caroline now. After all she'd been through, she was still strong. She was quiet, she was in pain, she was not a happy camper, but she was still standing and had strength in herself. And it was so beautifully epitomized in that line, and it flowed throughout the whole scene. Which had some really lovely dialogue overall, as well as subtle acting from Candice Accola. And, of course, I also so loved all the stuff with Stefan and Caroline we got. From him walking her home, to their scene at the door, "you don't have to pretend with me," Aww! My shipper heart just went pitter-pat. They are just uberly delightful together, so good, they're sparkly and adorable and make me smile. So much squee in those final looks. *sigh*

14.) 2.15 - "The Dinner Party" (Featuring Damon and Alaric)

I loved all of the Damon/Alaric stuff in this episode, but my favorite, no question, was their impromptu game of charades. Seriously, it's one of the BEST SCENES EVER! Their non-verbal interplay after Elijah and Andie left when Damon smacked Alaric, Ric pointed emphatically at the dagger, Damon gestured What?! silently and just as emphatically, Ric wrote the reason down and Damon threw the paper aside in disgust was AWESOME!! I loved it so much. Rewound it a couple of times, and cracked up each time. And it wasn't even just because of the comedy, but also because it was, once again, Ric showing how much he really does care about Damon. He's his bestie!! :D

14.) 2.15 - "The Dinner Party" (Featuring Alaric, Elijah, Damon, John and Andie)

Really not much to say here, just that Alaric Saltzman officially earned his BAMF-status with this move. Not that he hasn't had awesome moments before, because he totally has, but this was totally BAMF territory the likes we've only seen from Damon and Elijah before. Very impressive. And Damon's reaction? Hee! The raised brows, and the impressed "All right," after Alaric told him to get rid of the body ... before Jenna came back with dessert. (HEE!)

14.) 2.15 - "The Dinner Party" (Featuring Elena and Elijah)

Elena remains awesomely bad-ass. I love her! She stabbed herself, and then stabbed Elijah. Oh, Elena, you are THE awesome! Seriously, I do NOT get people complaining about this character. She is awesome. She done stabbed herself in the gut to keep her friends and family safe ... of course they'd be willing to die for her as well. This scene just so completely illustrated why Elena is one of the very few "WE MUST SAVE HER!" characters where it makes perfect sense why everyone is willing to do just about anything to save her. Because she is that awesome. And I just love so much that Elijah's all, "I'm gonna have to call your bluff, little girl," and then BAM! Not a bluff, sir. AWESOME.

17.) 2.16 - "The House Guest" (Featuring Matt, Caroline, Bonnie, Elena, Jenna, S.O.S. and plenty o' extras)

You all know that I ship Stefan and Caroline so hard like whoah!, but damn, this show, what it does to my shipper tendencies is unprecedented. Other than my beloved Damon and Elena, I am such a multi-shipper whore. Case in point: My lordy, did I think the Matt/Caroline kiss was uber-adorably-wonderfully romantic? Yes, I did, indeed! I literally grinned and clapped with glee. It was so over the top romantic and passionate and just so very lovely.

18.) 2.01/2.16 - "The Return/The House Guest" (Featuring Damon and Katherine)

I suppose one could see this as cheating, but really, what made the moment in "The House Guest" when he rejected her so very, very awesome was the contrast to the scene where he was completely unable to do so in "The Return." Okay, okay, it's here just as much because of the uber-hotness. Even with just the not-even-completed kiss, they were still all kinds of blazing hot. Dayum! But no, seriously, this bit had so many layers. There was the obvious heat (SO! HOT!), but also the humor of Damon shoving her away by pushing her face away (hah!) and Katherine pouting in response. In addition, we had Katherine finally getting it that she's lost him. She really has. Not only did he reject her, he played her! He let her lounge on his bed, got what information he wanted from her, climb all over him, let loose with the sexy voice, bedroom eyes, gentle, romantic hands framing her face, and then almost gave into her kiss, lips barely touching before shoving her to the side with complete disinterest. He played her, led her on and then calmly went back to his reading. And, again, what made this so especially awesome is how it was a counterpoint to this similar moment in "The Return," and how they showed just how over Katherine he is. In that episode, like this one, she tried to seduce him, and as mentioned above, he easily resisted her. Damon is done, and I think what happened is that Katherine got that clue. And Damon's amusement at her expense was awesome!

19.) 2.17 - "Know Thy Enemy" (Featuring Liz and Matt)

This is really just a moment from the overall great scene when Matt joins Sheriff Forbes in the car after tricking Caroline. When Matt told Liz that it was like Caroline died, and her response, oh my lord. {Sobs} I just, yeah, totally misty-eyed. Just thisclose to crying after that moment. Oh, Matt. Oh, Liz! I love her so. And when Liz said those words ("She did."), it was another of those sucker-punches, because even though logically we know the vampire-characters are dead, they don't feel dead to us, and this was one of those moments where it's like, yeah, no, they are. They are dead. Caroline is dead. Damon, Stefan, they are dead. And from someone who doesn't see them as "undead," like Sheriff Forbes, it really hit like a ton of bricks. Very powerful moment for me.

20.) 2.18 - "The Last Dance" (Featuring Bonnie, Klaus (Alaric), Elena and Stefan)

The sparks flying, the magic being thrown willy-nilly at Klaus in poor Alaric's body, blood spilling, Bonnie "dying" -- all of that was powerful and well done, but what made this stand out so much, and it's really THIS moment that is my favorite is Bonnie and Elena looking at each other, both reflecting such deep love and despair for the other (Bonnie because she knows how much this is hurting Elena; Elena because she believes that Bonnie is going to die), it's just heartbreaking. And even with the blood running down her face, that shot above is one where Kat Graham looks so beautiful and it's because of that love for Elena shining all over her. Gah, it just gets me.

21.) 2.19 - "Klaus" (Featuring Elijah and Katherine)

This is here because I ship Elijah/Katherine like WHOAH! And it was really this scene, well, the Elijah/Katherine portion of it that did me in. From a smiling Elijah chasing a girlish Katerina, but not catching her because he doesn't want the game to be over, to their discussion about love, when it's real, when it's not, who believes and who doesn't. There is such a connection between the two, this light, glancing chemistry that just simmers between every line, every look. And going back to the scene as a whole, the way they look at each other when Klaus leads her away: Katerina looking over her shoulder at Elijah, a yearning on her face, and Elijah staring straight at her, an intensity on his. It's just, yeah, WHOAH!

22.) 2.21 - "The Sun Also Rises" (Featuring Bonnie)

The power of the Bonnie/Klaus fight in 2.18 was all about the love between Bonnie and Elena; the power of this one is all about the utter BAD-ASSERY on display from one Miss Bonnie Bennett. Spewing her Latin, throwing magic from her hand, taking down the baddest BAMF vampire of all time by harnessing the power of a one hundred witches? Yeah, pretty damn sweet!

23.) 2.21 - "The Sun Also Rises" (Featuring Damon and Stefan)

Yeah, okay, this one's long. But this is so beyond just a favorite scene. It's my favorite Stefan scene, favorite Paul Wesley acting, and my favorite brothers Salvatore scene. OH. MY. GOD! I was more verklempt and emotionally moved by this scene than any other since Bonnie reacting to Sheila's death back in 1.14. Paul Wesley broke my heart, and this scene pretty much confirmed what I've long believed. However much Stefan loved Katherine, however much he loves Elena, however much he'll love Caroline (it will happen, damnit!), Damon will always be his #1. It is totally Damon >>> Everyone else in the entirety of ever for Stefan. I'm not saying he doesn't love Elena. Of course he does. But Damon is the most important person to him ever. And likely for always. And that's exactly how Paul played it. When Damon told him he was bitten, there was a shell-shocked reaction from Stefan, and when he moved closer, there was almost a jerkiness, a disbelieving-ness in his very movements. His voice was hushed, as if trying to control the tremors, and the sobs that you so know he was holding back. I've always maintained that despite everything, Stefan freaking ADORES his brother. He can't lose him. He can, and expects to, lose Elena someday. Not Damon, though. Never Damon. And, yet he's looking at that bite and he knows what it means.

But, oh, being Stefan, he immediately rejects reality, buries his head in the sand and determines that he'll find a cure. And that was also so beautiful and wonderful and interesting. Not "we," not including Elena or anyone else from their group. This was all about Stefan saving Damon. He's at first talking in 'we' speak, but when it comes to Damon, Stefan without hesitation, without thought, steps up to the plate ... all him: "Hey, I will do this." Making sure that Damon is looking at him, his voice so determined, his gaze so strong. Oh, Stefan. Gawd! Just killed me dead in the best way possible. Damn, I love my Salvatore Brothers. And then my favorite moment of the whole scene, Damon turns to walk away, and Stefan looked after him, utter devastation written on every line of his body, but he was standing as still as a statue. Except for his fingers. They were moving in this jittery dance of desperation, of helplessness, of an urgency to DO SOMETHING. Ah, it was so good. Just watching his brother walk away into the sun, and all the love that Stefan feels for Damon you could feel in that moment so keenly. And I just, man, I was just a goner!

24.) 2.22 - "As I Lay Dying" (Featuring Stefan and Klaus)

What I liked about this scene so much was the change in pitch in the referenced line in the image. Throughout the whole scene, there's a teasing, amused quality to how Joseph Morgan reads all of his lines. A twinkle in his eyes, a bit of a quirk to his lips. He's having fun with this, he's having fun having Stefan (who I must point out, looks really hot in this scene!) at his mercy. He loves it. However, that one bit of dialogue up there, the moment when he thinks that maybe he doesn't have Stefan where he wants him. There is that one moment where Stefan might not go through it, his whole demeanor changes. Gone is the twinkle, the quirk, the amusement. He turns deadly serious, his eyes lasering in on Stefan, his expression grim and hard, his voice -- with not a trace of levity -- is dead serious. It's very, very interesting, and really upped that curiosity factor of why he wants Stefan to be his wingman. And did I mention that Stefan looks REALLY hot in this scene?

25.) 2.22 - "As I Lay Dying" (Featuring Damon and Elena)

Obviously, I loved the whole scene, but I really am zeroing on just a section of it. From when Damon told Elena he loved her to the kiss. I loved that Damon told Elena he loved her, and I even liked that there was no callback, nothing about the "Rose" reveal, because that was Damon being selfless and Elena knowing about that does take away from the one heroic thing that Damon did do for her, taking that burden of knowledge from her. And I loved her response to him saying it, the nodding of her head before finally able to form the words, she was trying so hard not to just break down. "I do." So simple and yet powerful. She knew he was going to confess something feelings-wise in "Rose," which is why she tried to ward him off. This time, she gracefully accepts his words, his feelings, his admission to her and holds it to her with her response, taking it in. And he got that, he totally got that judging from the way his lips curved into a smile when she said it.

And then my favorite part, the "I like you now. Just the way you are." Oh, Elena. For all that he has done for her, for how much she does care about him in spite of his flaws, she wanted him to know before his end that despite all of that, someone out there does care and accept him as he is ... flaws and all. It was just ... ahh, so beautiful because here's a guy who's never been accepted for who he is. And the girl he loves just did that. Sure he was dying -- likely why there were no 'buts' attached -- but still, she accepts him and likes him for who he is, as imperfect as he may be. Ahh, and then the kiss, that beautiful kiss. I liked that it wasn't this passionate coming together. I liked that there was nothing from Damon's end, this was all on Elena, from Elena, her feelings, her desire, her need to give him this moment, and to take that moment for herself because this was her last chance. This was her looking at him, realizing how close he was to death and knowing that it was her last chance to kiss him, she made the choice, to steal that moment with him. Oh, my. This whole section just broke my heart in the best possible way! *sigh*


There you have it my top 25 favorite bits from season 02, and here's the link , top 25 season 01 bits. So ... BRING ON SEASON 03!
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