Arabian (arabian) wrote,

New 'Vampire Diaries' Promo .... Spoiler!

It is AWESOME!!!

Very cool. I went through it still by still to see the new stuff.

- So, obviously, we have the Tyler/Caroline stuff. I'm a Stefan/Caroline girl, so not really feeling it, but I'm sure the T/C crowd are.

- Damon and a VERY-dressed down Alaric finding the two dead bodies. UGH! And, ick, the blonde one's head fell off! ICK!!

- Alaric telling Elena happy birthday.

- Hee! Elena peeking at Damon, HAH! LOVE IT!

ETA: A rewatch makes it look like Elena is peeking to see if Damon is covered; it looks like he's wrapping a towel around himself.

- Someone (and I am hoping it's Andie -- the outfit looks similar from what I can tell of what she was wearing when Stefan was hunting her down in the other promo) being hanged.

The promotional part of it was creepy, icky, squicky, sexy, winky, AWESOME! And can I say how much I adore that the final still shot at the end* is the four of them because it means that the one that JUST featured Stefan/Elena -- which always bugged me since the show is supposed to be about a triangle damnit! -- is likely gone for good. I noticed they stopped using it towards the end of last season.

* And that shot WAS a promotional shot (not a video shot), so hopefully, we are going to get some KICK-ASS awesome promotional photos of these images here. It would be incredibly awesome. The sexy, sweaty black outfits ones, and water-y shots from last season were stills too, so I'm VERY hopeful.


Plus, of course, the Damon/Elena girl in me just adored all of the Nina/Ian (Damon/Elena or is it Damon/Katherine?) interaction. (DAYUM! Their chemistry is always so WHOAH! Smoking hot!) The fruit feeding, the looks, the smiles, and heck, I even got a huge kick out of the Stefan/Klaus stuff, and the Damon/Elena/Stefan undercurrents. By far, THE sexiest, creepiest, most awesome promo they've done. WHEE!!!

SO MUCH LOVE (or is it lust?) FOR THIS PROMO!

ETA: had some a piece by piece breakdown of it with some analysis that was really cool, catching a bunch of small things (the SE and DE flashing onscreen for example), and doing some nifty analysis of the artsy picnic tableau.
Tags: damon/elena, ian&nina, stefan salvatore, the vampire diaries, tv

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