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TVD favorites -- characters, duos, episodes! (REVEALED!)

First of all I wanted to thank everyone who participated, it was so much fun seeing your guesses. Every response I got made me smile. :) Most of you definitely have a grasp on my faves, but only two got either all 10 correct, or 5 in the correct slots.

* distant_autumn -- All characters and duos correct, but less than five in the correct slots, and seven of my ten favorite episodes guess, but no five in order. So, you get a prompt (go for two, but I can't promise I'll have the creative juices to do both, but I'll try).

* modbelle -- Nine of the ten characters guess, but only two in the right slots. Eight of the ten duos were correct, but five were in the correct slot, and seven of the episodes were correct, but none in the right spot. Still, with the five-correct-placement, throw me a prompt. :)

Now for the answers. Little graphic (icons representing the choices), and the list. In addition to the top ten episodes, I also put the remainder of the episodes in order of favoritism too.

I based the picks for characters and duos on how much enjoyment I get every time they're onscreen. For instance, as much as I adore the Damon/Stefan relationship, there are definitely times when I get frustrated with how Damon is the loser-boy in relation to Stefan, whereas there is not one moment that Stefan and Caroline are on screen that I'm not a puddle of squee and/or goo. With characters, Stefan dropped off the top five (for the first time) because I included non-main characters, and as much as I do love him, the Stefan we saw in "The Dinner Party" irritated me so much, and that is something that numbers four and five have never done.

    ** 10 Favorite Characters **

    01.) Damon Salvatore
    02.) Elena Gilbert
    03.) Caroline Forbes
    04.) Elijah
    05.) Katherine Pierce
    06.) Stefan Salvatore
    07.) Alaric Saltzman
    08.) Bonnie Bennett
    09.) Jeremy Gilbert
    10.) Sheriff Liz Forbes

    ** 10 Favorite Duos **

    01.) Damon and Elena
    02.) Stefan and Caroline
    03.) Damon and Stefan (non-romantic)
    04.) Damon and Alaric (non-romantic)
    05.) Elijah and Katherine
    06.) Jeremy and Bonnie
    07.) Stefan and Katherine
    08.) Damon and Liz (non-romantic)
    09.) Elena and Caroline (non-romantic)
    10.) Damon and Katherine (non-romantic)

    ** 10 Favorite Episodes **

    01.) S01.19 - Miss Mystic Falls
    02.) S02.01 - The Return
    03.) S02.21 - The Sun Also Rises
    04.) S01.14 - Fool Me Once
    05.) S01.17 - Let the Right One In
    06.) S02.22 - As I Lay Dying
    07.) S02.07 - Masquerade
    08.) S02.16 - The House Guest
    09.) S02.10 - The Sacrifice
    10.) S01.13 - Children of the Damned

    **The Rest ... **

    11.) S01.21 - Isobel
    12.) S01.18 - Under Control
    13.) S02.13 - Daddy Issues
    14.) S02.05 - Kill or Be Killed
    15.) S02.09 - Katerina
    16.) S01.07 - Haunted
    17.) S02.18 - The Last Dance
    18.) S01.22 - Founder's Day
    19.) S02.06 - Plan B
    20.) S02.17 - Know Thy Enemy

    21.) S02.11 - By the Light of the Moon
    22.) S01.11 - Bloodlines
    23.) S01.12 - Unpleasantville
    24.) S01.06 - Lost Girls
    25.) S01.15 - A Few Good Men
    26.) S02.04 - Memory Lane
    27.) S01.04 - Family Ties
    28.) S01.20 - Blood Brothers
    29.) S02.02 - Brave New World
    30.) S02.19 - Klaus

    31.) S01.09 - History Repeating
    32.) S01.10 - The Turning Point
    33.) S02.03 - Bad Moon Rising
    34.) S02.08 - Rose
    35.) S01.05 - You're Undead to Me
    36.) S01.08 - 162 Candles
    37.) S02.12 - The Descent
    38.) S02.15 - Dinner Party
    39.) S02.20 - The Last Day
    40.) S01.16 - There Goes the Neighborhood

    41.) S02.14 - Crying Wolf
    42.) S01.03 - Friday Night Bites
    43.) S01.02 - The Night of the Comet
    44.) S01.01 - Pilot
Whoo! This was fun. :)
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