Arabian (arabian) wrote,

TVD favorites -- characters, duos, episodes!

I admit freely, there may be no interest in this at all, LOL! However, I've been home mostly alone for almost a month, I'm still kinda sick, I go back to work (a new job!) starting Tuesday, and I want to get some pre-season-three Vampire Diaries solidified favorites fun written down. So, here goes. I came up with a list (in order of lurve) of my ten favorite characters (including ALL characters, not just main), duos (ie, romantic and non/romantic) and episodes of The Vampire Diaries). Instead of just listing them, with pretty pictures and explanation (although, that will come probably), I decided to do something a little different. I want my TVD-inclined flist to guess my picks. I'll give it 24 hours (give or take), and I will then write a 1,000 word (or less) fic based on the prompt* of whoever --

i) gets all 10 (not in order) of any of the categories correct
ii) gets 5 (in their correct slot, doesn't have to be in order) of any of the categories correct.

* You all know the drill of which pairings, characters I'm going to want to write for. :)

ETA: Duh, I realized that not screening the comments could give the answers away. So screening comments. (And, yay! People are participating. Fun!)
Tags: the vampire diaries

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