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29 August 2011 @ 03:34 pm
Obviously, not lead or regular, but still ...  
AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! (And I seriously gasped and squealed OMG! numerous times when I read this!)


I was already planning on watching it, but now!!! I AM SO THERE! So details And once more for the road! WHEE!!!
    'Veronica Mars' alum joins CW's 'Ringer'

    Logan from Veronica Mars is joining Sarah Michelle Gellar’s new drama on the CW.

    EW has learned exclusively that Jason Dohring will recur as Mr. Carpenter, a high school teacher at the new school attended by Juliet (Zoey Deutch), the stepdaughter of Manhattan socialite Siobhan Martin (Gellar). The sexy thriller — which features Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Gellar playing twins — will bow Sept. 13. It also stars Lost's Nestor Carbonell as an FBI agent.

    Dohring recently appeared in episodes of Lie to Me and CSI but fans probably count his run as Josef on Moonlight as his second-most memorable gig behind Mars.
Obviously, I'd like a bigger role, and something with more permanence, but ANYTHING that gets Dohring back on my screen on a semi-regular basis is a GREAT thing. SQUEE!!!

ETA: The Hollywood Reporter has a bit more information on the role.

Juliet is the step-daughter of Siobhan and Andrew Martin (Ioan Gruffudd), who returns home from boarding school and winds up attending a new school where Mr. Carpenter sees potential in her.


ETA: I have got to say that I am THRILLED that EW had a whole article on it and listed it as EXCLUSIVE! And a bunch of other outlets have picked it up, which says to me that he still has some cache, at least in the media. SQUEE!!!!
harper47harper47 on August 29th, 2011 08:30 pm (UTC)
It's going to be so wonderful to have him back on our tv screen again. I was going to watch Ringer for SMG's sake but I'm not wild about the premise. This just adds so much more desire for me to watch it. Jason! We have all missed you so much!
Arabian: Feelings Journalarabian on August 29th, 2011 08:35 pm (UTC)

I feel so much love for the CW right now. My top two TV boyfriends (Ian and Jason) on the same network. And I know it's the same for you (well, different boyfriends, lol, but still).