Arabian (arabian) wrote,

TOP 5 ME! Meme

Stolen from badboy_fangirl.

TOP 5 ME! Books, art, culture, politics, music, fandom stuff, movies, television, etc. Ask as many as you'd like. Be vague. Be specific. I don't care if it's mundane or off the wall.

I may or may not go beyond a list. Depending on how verbose I feel. :)

ETA: I do have all of the other ones chosen, I just need to do the write-up and formatting because you know me, if I can make it more work for myself with these kinds of posts, I will, LOL!
Tags: abraham lincoln, alaric saltzman, caroline forbes, community, damon salvatore, damon/elena, elena gilbert, ian&nina, jeff/annie, katie/simon, kelly clarkson, logan/veronica, meme, mulder/scully, music, sheldon/penny, star trek, stefan/caroline, the big bang theory, the vampire diaries, the west wing, the x-files

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