Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Watched 'Sherlock'

So I finally gave up on Doctor Who because the heart just was not there for me at all, and worse than hating what Steven Moffat did with the show, I simply didn't care. However, because it was a new show, and was co-created with Mark Gattis (he of my beloved "The Unquiet Dead"), I decided to watch Sherlock. I'm glad I did. I thought Moffat's episode -- not surprisingly with the least amount of heart -- was good, though. The second episode was not as strong, but the third one -- written by Gattis -- was wonderful. The whole final sequence just bowled me over, and that ending ... I may or may not have let out a squeal. Excellently done. I'm not obsessed or in love with it, so I'm not dying in anticipation for the the next series, but I will certainly be watching it.

Both Martin Freeman and (yes, the utterly delicious) Benedict Cumberbatch were excellent, and I think all in all the show has done a marvelous job of updating the Sherlock classic. :)
Tags: doctor who, sherlock, tv

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