Arabian (arabian) wrote,

So FREAKING Awesome ... aka TORCHWOOD!

I just have three things to say -- not spoilery all.

1. I wish I had waited until all ten episodes had aired so I could watch this all in order and not have to wait.

2. Eve Myles continues to be one of like the most awesome things EVER!

3. I love every single character, even the one-offs.

ETA: I changed my mind, more stuff, and tis spoilery for episode two.

4. Jack and Gwen = SQUEE!!!! Her ranting at him and then 'why did it take you so long?' AWWW! 'Did you miss me?' Immediate, heartfelt 'yes.' Double AWWW!!

5. The comic moments in between, my favorite being the final airport/car stuff. To Rex:

Gwen: What kind of getaway car is this? I thought you Americans had big SUVS. This is rubbish!
Jack: You need to work on your escape plans.

Also, Rex's constant belittling of Jack and Gwen's intelligence, especially (again) the airport stuff.

Rex: You two are idiots. This is the baggage claim, you can just walk out.

And one more also, poor Danny.

Danny: Be careful with the tie.
Gwen: And you're definitely not gay.
Danny: It was one time.

I'm sorry, but I had to laugh, because I was a flight attendant, and out of the many, many male flight attendants, literally only two or three were straight. It's a stereotype for a reason.

6. That awesome whole save Jack with things on a plane section including uber-kickass Gwen! Yeah, baby!

7. Aww, Esther. I REALLY like her. She seems like such a lamb amidst all of these lions, but she's using her brains and getting through it.

8. Damn, Rex is such a jerk, but I love him already.

9. Something fishy with Jilly, the PR lady. There is so much more to her. You know it.

10. NEWMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: torchwood, tv

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