Arabian (arabian) wrote,

New Vampire Diaries Community - Bloodstream

Please come join us at tvdbloodstream! We are a new community with a focus on The Vampire Diaries at large: meta, ships, episode discussion, and overall love for what is the most surprising thing to ever come out of The CW vault! We love TVD, and if you do too, we'd love to have your participation in our discussions. We emphasize respect and kindness in our interactions as well as a high level of SQUEE and enthusiasm. Please check out our Welcome Post as well as our Rules & Guidelines and join today! (We are a moderated community, so you must apply for membership.)

Feel free to promote us on your personal journals! If you know of a community that would be a good place to advertise, please go to our Affiliates Post and let us know about them so we can hit them up!
Tags: the vampire diaries

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