Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Torchwood's Back! YAY!

As someone who ADORED "Children of Earth," I was really looking forward to this. And, one episode in, it did not disappoint. Pre-cut, I'll just say, oh, Rusty, how I've missed you. Now THIS is how you make some damn good television! Characters and plot and action, but mostly CHARACTERS!

- I fucking love Eve Myles. Love her, love her, love her. I know Gwen gets a LOT of shit in this fandom, but I've adored her from day one, and this just reconfirms my love. She's smart, sassy, quick-tongued, caring, bad-ass and just all-around awesome. LOVE. HER!

- Wow, who knew an older Bill Pullman could look so much like Robert DeNiro? (Or just me?)

- I knew the premise, but seeing it play out was really cool.

- I'm not a huge Jack fan, never will be, but I still grinned when I saw him for the first time, and when he showed up in Wales, I grinned hugely and cried out "JACK!"

- And I wasn't the only one happy, Gwen's face! SO MUCH LOVE. I said it butterfly, she loves Rhys, totally, but she's in love with Jack and likely always will be.

- Eek! Jack can get hurt. Eek!

- "Owen Harper." Awww!

- Mekhi Phifer is doing a great job, I love his Rex. And Alexa Havins (who I know only from reading hatred spewed her character's way (Babe) on All My Children) was great as Esther. New characters, real and well-written and played out in episode one.

- Cute baby!

- The four months projection was like WHOAH!

- Loved seeing Andy; I always adored him, so yay!

I can't wait to see what happens next! :)

I so need to make an updated TW icon, LOL! Done!
Tags: russell t davies, torchwood, tv

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