Arabian (arabian) wrote,

'Vampire Diaries' Fanfic pet peeve

that drives me batty. It literally will make me stop reading a fic no matter how good it pretty much is overall. When writers choose to have Damon (or really anyone, but especially Damon) call Elena "'Lena" as a nickname of sorts. It drives me bonkers because not only does no one call her 'Lena on the show, and not only has Damon never called her that, he (more than anyone else) ENUNCIATES her full name, all three syllables, with emphasis on the first quite frequently enough that it's kinda his thing with her name. So, yeah, I can't read it. I just can't. It's such a small thing, but that like spelling Stefan's name Stephan, it just ruins it for me.

And, I don't know why, but so many fanfics have Damon calling her this. I don't get it, maybe they think it makes Damon seem soft and cuddly and more in love with her because he shortens her name as something that is special just for them. Okay, fine, but he DOESN'T DO IT IN THE SOURCE MATERIAL EVER so I don't see it as soft and cuddly and in-love, I see it as out of character.

Yeah, clearly drives me bonkers, huh?

ETA: You never can tell which random topics will generate conversation, can ya?
Tags: damon salvatore, damon/elena, elena gilbert, the vampire diaries

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