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Ethan & Kristina, aka Squeethina! from 'General Hospital'

So I started watching General Hospital again in October 2009 because I loooove Jonathan Jackson. Even though I think the show is mostly terrible, I've kept watching for him and a few other actors I like (ooh, Brandon Barash, you're so yummy!, and you were in Tell Me You Love Me, same as Ian Somerhalder). And since I've been watching there's been this vibe between Ethan (Nathan Parsons), the twenty-something con-artist, illegitimate son of Luke Spencer, and Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth), the then 17-year-old spoiled daughter of lawyer Alexis, and mob boss, Sonny Corinthos.

Well, over the course of the last year and a half, they've keep these two in each other's orbit through an abusive boyfriend, mob threats, other guys, other women, a marriage and family dust-ups on either side. And now, things are beginning to get interesting. She has a MAJOR crush on him, but she also genuinely is his friend and cares a helluva lot about him. And she is pretty much his cornerstone. She is his confidant, his best friend and makes him smile when no one else can. And he can not say no to her.

Ainsworth looks her age (the same as the character) and she's small and petite, so she does look young, and Parsons (who is a bit younger than his character), looks older than his age -- although a soon-to-be-seen haircut (squee!) makes him look younger. So, I had reservations in the beginning because of that disparity, but really, their chemistry and on-camera rhythm, interaction, zing, you name it just makes any such concerns go bye-bye. And I just find them utterly darling and charming and adorable and with EVERYTHING that General Hospital is doing wrong, they are so doing these two right. Of course, GH just got a new headwriter and there will be some changes -- hopefully for the better -- but I just hope they don't touch these two. Because their story is such a wonderful, slow-burn, adorably-executed love story right now.

It actually kinda of scares me how they seem to be hitting so many right notes with this Kristina/Ethan thing because, well, duh, this is still former headwriter Bob Guza's GH at this point. But it is just so working for me right now. For example, a few weeks ago, they had the whole cliche of her eyes closed, lips puckered, expecting him to kiss her during a "moment," and it should have been monumentally cringe-worthy, but he just smiled and then kissed her on the cheek, and oh my!, it was just utterly squee-worthy. And the two of them are pretty dang upfront about her crush on him, and both of their expectations/thoughts on it is alleviating the embarrassment level that way as well. I'm just really hoping that new headwriter Garin Wolfe keeps the momentum and strong/sweet writing of the one well-done story they have going on the canvas.

Again, I started out watching again when Jackson came back, and while I think that Kristina's stories have all been fairly compelling, Ainsworth didn't really impress me, but in the last few months, I have just been so drawn in by the sparkle and chemistry between her and Parsons that I'm a goner for these two. This last month has just been delightful (she followed him to the Dominican Republic while he got a quickie divorce, they were adorable, then her parents showed up thinking *they* were getting married, in other words, ultimate soap fun!). Today's show was no exception. She asked him to join her for help with some assignment for college, alone at her house. And, of course, per usual, he couldn't say no to her. The episode ended on her convincing him to let her have one kiss to see if there's anything there. She kissed him, and his eyes were open, looking at her sideways. Had to be there, but it was hilariously adorable. And I can't wait to see what happens on Monday. I expect he'll let her down, but I hope we get a little something from his side of the kiss. It would also be awesome if we do and he *does* let her down, because that would better explain why he does, because it gets to him at least a little. I sure hope so!

Anyhoo, bottom-line, I just love the beaming smiles she sends his way; I love how every time he laughs about the situation it's not just about her, but at himself too because he doesn't want to fully extricate himself. He believes that she'll forget about him and fall for someone new. I think that he's using that as an excuse to spend time with her now before she does. Because he wants to spend time with her, because she does make him laugh, and smile and feel good. And, gosh darn't, they make me feel good. The "Summer of Squeethina" -- a phrase not coined with any love on 'Television Without Pity,' but it's been co-opted unironically by fans of the duo -- is exactly what is happening for me with this two. Love them.

Just had to squee! And, lookee, I even made an icon! (That was the cheek kiss I described.)
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