Arabian (arabian) wrote,

A quick thought on why I love Blake Shelton

I am so thankful for The Voice because it introduced me to Blake Shelton and I f'in love him. I love his music, I love his sense of humor, I love his long, lean form, ahem. And I also love the fact that he is SO DAMN TEAM BLAKE! When all of the coaches came out to perform with their teams, the other three highlighted themselves with a few moments to spotlight their contestants. Not Blake, nope. His contestants BEGAN the number, and Blake came in 3/4s of the way, making the spotlight on THEM, not him.

And, both Blake and Adam Levine performed their stuff tonight. Adam, his new single featuring Christina, and Blake his #1 "Honey Bee." And at the end of Blake's song, he brought the two girls from his team out on stage to finish the song off with him, giving them EXTRA time in the spotlight, and then gave a shout-out to their names. I. love. him.

Tags: blake shelton, the voice, tv

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