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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev at the 2011 MMVAs

I wasn't going to do this, but they were way too adorable to not. Here is the red carpet interview and presenting duties (including a fan-recorded one) that Ian and Nina did at the 2011 Much Music Awards, as well as pics! There were quite a few articles on them saying that the two have gone public with their (year-old) relationship because they reportedly were holding hands on the red carpet. However, the only photographic evidence of this is one blurry, fan-pic where it's not obvious at all. (Apparently, they walked the red carpet, and then they made them re-enter the limo and drive back up to be greeted by the presenter, and it was the first go-round with the hand-hold.) There were also reports of kissing and lovey-dovey behavior backstage (and considering they've been separated due to work obligations for almost two weeks, not really surprising.) Anyhoo, again, I couldn't resist, so here ya go ... all the Ian/Nina (Nian/Sobrev/Domerhalder -- seriously, these are the smushed names I've read today, LOL!) goodies!

- Red Carpet interview, Ian and Nina were the last ones televised. They also gave out the last award, so yeah, I had to wait through all three hours! (How adorable was Nina saying "Me" when Ian was asked who he was most excited to see and Ian answering promptly with "Nina Dobrev." Awww!)

- Televised presenting --

- Fan-recored version (shows what happened while the televised version went to the nominees, and it is adorable!) --

Now the red carpet and presenting images. There are bunch more out there of Nina and Ian separately (or where you can see the other in backrgound), but I just grabbed the obvious duo shots. These have been cropped to be the same size, again, you can see the full shots at the various Ian, Nina galleries.

- Red Carpet pics --

Here are full shots of their look. (No comment on Ian's, he still looks hot, end of story. Nina's updo outside as opposed to the down-do inside seems likely because she literally rushed from the airport to get ready and to the ceremony in a matter of 1-2 hours, so she did more with her hair once inside. Which also likely explains the hideously non-matching shoes. :shakes head:) FYI: That is a manip in the press room, they took press room shots alone only. :(

Here they are backstage with some Degrassi cast members.

And here are the presenting pics. I did crop Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber mostly out of the pics, cuz just focusing on Nina and Ian (but, again, full shots at other sites.) First off, Nina and Ian were the only ones who presented together (awww!). Everyone else presented alone. Nina actually started that way, before she called Ian out.

Here is the HQ version of the first shot. (Double sigh.)

Various links: Nina/Ian site | Ian site (galleries for the night) 1, 2, 3 | Nina site (galleries for the night) 1, 2

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