Arabian (arabian) wrote,

RL Update

Well, my flight went smoothly, but I found out just before I got on the plane that my sister was being induced. I arrived and was brought to the hospital where she had yet to have the baby. For some reason, she decided to go the non-epidural route and by the time the labor pains really hit, she was totally in agony. It was pretty damn hard to stand by and watch her suffering so much. I was crying seeing her in so much pain but trying to not let her see it. Finally she did have the baby a little after 9 pm. It was a girl and both mommy and baby are doing beautifully. I've been watching the two older boys while she's at the hospital and my bro-in-law is spending most of his time there.

As for my b-day, well, it's not what I expected, LOL! My best friend from before called me, but left the wrong number to return her call (pout). Still, despite being dog-tired, head-achey, in charge of two anxious, active boys and missing my cats, I'm happy to be with my sister and the boys. My nephews are wonderful and it will be fabulous when sis and baby come home tomorrow -- so all in all, as birthdays go, it's groovy!
Tags: real life

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