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So You Think You Can Dance (Top 10 couples)

Yay, I love my dancing show! It's back.

Okay, my thoughts on each pair. :) And I have to say I was actually amused by the 8-second thing, especially the little notes written. (I liked "Wrong network" when Ryan said she loves Law & Order: SVU, hah!)

Jordan and Tadd (African Jazz) - That was a fun, exciting routine, although the switch from the more pulsating instrumental to the somewhat bouncier vocal section wasn't as smooth a transition as I would have preferred. Both danced it well, although, the last 30 seconds or so, the two were off sync quite a bit. Still, they were good.

Sasha and Alexander (Contemporary) - Great routine by Travis. Okay, I didn't actually like the costumes ... at all, but the choreography and the dancing was strong and passionate. Much better, in my opinion, than the girl's top 10 number he did last week.

Jess and Clarice (Broadway) - Color me shocked, Tyce choreographed a broadway routine I liked a lot! :Gasp: It was cute and charming, the two have a sweet chemistry, and Jess really is a sensational dancer. His lines are exquisite. After the critique, I have to say I agree with Nigel about both Clarice and Jess.

Ryan and Ricky (Lyrical Hip-Hop) - To start off shallow, wow, Ryan and Ricky are a BEAUTIFUL looking pair. That last shot of them smiling face to face in the clip was just loverly. Ahem, on to the dance. I had no impression of Ricky before this routine, now I'm all WOW! So dynamic, I could barely keep my eyes off of him. Very good routine by Christopher Scott, very well-danced. I will say that as much as I like Ryan (and Ryan's hair!), I gotta agree with the criticism about her smile. As gorgeous as it is, she should NOT have had a perma-smile on through this whole routine. She gots to work on that. But overall, very strong. Wow, Nigel actually called Ryan on the perma-smile. Nigel stop impressing me this season.

I'm actually glad that Ryan had a reason for the smile. So hopefully, we won't see it all the time; it sounds like she actually did think about her facial expression -- even if it didn't work without her explaining it, and that is definitely something, and much better than just some vapid smile for a smile's sake.

Caitlynn and Mitchell Robert (ugh) (Jazz) - Someone asked on TelevisionWithoutPity if it was Sonya's goal to make the human form as ugly as possible while dancing, and yup, I think that's part of my problem with her choreography. I love beauty in dance, and quite often, Sonya pushes them into these difficult, precise, and choregraphically-inventive movements and positions that I find ugly to look at. So for me, yeah, that is definitely part of my problem with her style. I don't mean to take away her talent as a choreographer, because girl is clearly mad-talented, it's just not my cup of tea.

Ugly and, oftentimes boring, in my opinion. Such was the case tonight. Hmm.

Okay, you may have noted the "ugh" after Robert's name above? Yeah, not a fan. AT ALL. Which should tell you how unimpressed I was with Caitlynn because DAMN! did Robert blow her away. He was so much better, his jumps, his lines, his movements, his crispness, etc. Everything he did so much better, and I'm not a fan at all. So, yeah, Caitlynn? Not working for me. And, obviously, I disagree with the judges, LOL!

Miranda and Robert (Latin - Jive) - I like Robert, but yeah, the WHOOO! is getting old. Stop, sweetie. Miranda's kinda uber-adorable, though, isn't she? Alas, that dancing was kinda sad. Aww, I wanted to like that so much more than I so did not. Sigh. No chemistry, the moves were off, Miranda had way too hunched a back. Megan, I guess I'm in a coma because I didn't enjoy that. I still really like Miranda, though, she's completely won me over. She might be my favorite (which I didn't have before this show). Damn, I'm agreeing with Nigel again. What the hell!??!

Missy and Wadi (Jazz) - Okay, Miranda and Robert's was much better in retrospect because this was just not good for me at all. The concept was WAY better than the execution, and Missy and Wadi were barely together at all, off sync through most of their together choreography. Yeah, not horribly impressed with Sean Cheesman. This routine did nothing for me, and I felt no connection between the two. Yeah, so disagreed with the judges.

Melanie and Marko (Contemporary) - Aww, I live in Georgia and am moving to Marietta in a month (where Melanie said she's from), and Marko is from Guam (I grew up on Guam, he'd actually be a Chamorro it looks like -- a native, a Guamanian is a non-native who lived there. Ie, I was Guamanian, not Chamorrow.) So I have a connection to these two, aww!

Oh, I loved this. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Just gorgeous. Beautiful concept, brought beautifully to life. Well done, Travis. I loved the costuming, so perfect, loved how the light switched to a fiery hue right before the big pulse of music hit. The dancing was exquisite -- truly, Melanie is INSANE! -- their chemistry was real and there and just beautiful. Marko may not have done anything for me on his own, but paired with Melanie, he's come to life. Just ... ooh, perfection. I got goosebumps, it was so beautiful. My favorite routine of the night, hands down. Standing O! I know, I know, Nigel throwing out the "Emmy nominated-routine," but I actually do agree. This was just an exquisite, yes, magical routine.

Ashley and Chris (Hip-Hop) - Sigh. I really liked the choreography and Chris was awesome, but Ashley? Well, she did do well dancing, but *her* perma-smile SO DID NOT FIT THE ROUTINE. I mean, she was smiling big and wide through practically the whole darn thing and it kept distracting me. But Chris was fabulous. Really, really good. Ashley kinda ruined it for me. Ah well. :(

Iveta and Nick (Ballroom - Quickstep) - (Hee! Nick Young is the life of the party.) That was a lot of fun, and gosh darn't!, I really, really like Nick. A LOT. I hope the Quickstep death doesn't do him in. :( Iveta is great, but Nick just grabbed a hold of me, but sure she can dance. And so can he, and together they did look fantastic. :D

Great, great crop of dancers this season. Really top-notch technique and skill overall.

Favorite routines --

Melanie and Marko - Contemporary
Jess and Clarice - Broadway
Iveta and Nick - Quickstep

Favorite dancers --


Yup, none of the dancers I listed as the ones I liked best going into tonight made the list.

Who's going home? I have ABSOLUTELY no idea.
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