Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Fave Fandom Meme

Saw this on dollsome's lj and I have some time, so ...

Pick a fandom and I'll tell you my...

- 3 favorite relationships
- 3 favorite characters
- 3 of my favorite moments
- 3 reasons I like/love that fandom

(Erm, if it's a show I like A LOT, I just might go on a bit with my answers.)
Tags: anna paquin, candice accola, caroline forbes, community, damon salvatore, damon/alaric, damon/elena, damon/liz, damon/stefan, daniel gillies, doctor who, doctor/rose, donna noble, elena gilbert, elijah/katherine, eric/sookie, ian somerhalder, jeff/annie, jeremy/bonnie, jim parsons, kaley cuoco, katherine pierce, matt davis, meme, nina dobrev, paul wesley, sheldon/penny, stefan salvatore, stefan/caroline, the big bang theory, the vampire diaries, true blood, tv

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