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11 June 2011 @ 02:50 pm
So You Think You Can Dance (Top 20)  
I know three days late. :) I know I didn't write up any more of the auditions (and thank goodness there were only two weeks worth -- PERFECT amount!), but work has been insane. I do know that I'm going to make the time in the future to write the posts though because I like listing my faves early on, because I really do go back and look at those past posts to see my thoughts on the dancers. Anyhoo, so here are my thoughts on the top 20 --

Ugh, Tyce. Seriously, I lost count of the number of times I told him to SHUT UP! God, he annoys. SO. MUCH! Ahem, the top 20, my faves are underlined ...

Ricky - He's very cute, and I really liked of him what I saw.

Miranda - Who?

Melanie - I would have been shocked if she didn't make it. She wasn't highlighted during Vegas, but her initial audition was just breathtaking.

Sasha - *Sigh* I just can't be happy about this right now. She's good, but Natalia is just so full of joy and I adored her and adored watching her dancing. Sasha is good, I just, yeah, I just really, really loved Natalia. :sniff, sniff:

Gorgeous routine by Stacey Tookey. I could have done without the fog, though, seeing as how it obstructed the view of some of the, you know, DANCING. But still gorgeous.

Chris - Didn't make an impression on me so far.

Tadd - Loved his initial audition, I look forward to seeing more of him.

Wadi - Love him, really glad to see him make it. Every time I saw him throughout Vegas making it through, I was thrilled. I hope he can do the other genres well.

Robert - Loved the white suit, loved him from day one, never stopped. He's wonderful. Like Wadi, I hope he can do the other genres well.

That was a good routine, but hip-hop isn't my favorite dance style. However, they all did wonderfully and that's lovely to see.

Iveta - I like her; I'm glad she made it (finally). Although, she does look, erm, slightly skeletal. :(

WHOOOO!! Pasha. LOVERLY! Wow. Beautiful, dynamic routine. That was sensational, and Iveta matched Pasha step for step. Fantastic. Please, please, let her get into the top 10 so she can dance with Pasha again. PHENOMENAL!

Clarice - What I've seen of her, I've really liked, so I look forward to seeing more performances from her.

Marko - I remember him from his audition, remember thinking he was an amazing dancer, but charisma-wise he didn't grab me. I'm hoping that it will change for me because he is wonderful.

Jordan - I still don't think what we saw of that initial audition was this ridiculously-hot sexy routine, but she is a great dancer. She does rub me a bit the wrong way. We'll see, though. I'll admit, I did like that pose she threw out at the end though, LOL!

Missy - Another who?

Not a Sonya routine I dislike, but not one of the few I love either. Yeah, I don't think Marco is going to do it for me. Even sharing the stage with three girls, he didn't grab my attention especially away at all. Still, this season so far is showing us some fantastic dancers.

Jess - I loved his original audition and was shocked that he wasn't sent straight through to Vegas; he's just wonderful. So I'm very glad that he made it through; he reminds me a bit of Evan -- in a good way, not as a copycat. Hopefully they'll treat him better.

Nick - Another who?, but that little bit we saw in the recap reel was wonderful.

Not only was that by far THE best tap routine I've seen on the show, it was just an all-around FABULOUS routine. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. And Nick, you may be the first tapper who finally makes an impression and sticks around. Loved it. Christopher Scott, choreographer, stick around, you are fantastic. :CLAPS: Loved the post-dance stuff too. Hah!

Caitlynn - Sigh, I really hope she's great and likable, because I can not deal with another Nigel-obsessed-Kayla-type of pimping. Unfortunately, not having seen much of her before now, having Nigel adore her is not a promising beginning. :(

Ashley - Ah, someone I did write-up that first night, and I thought she was good, but the ridiculous OHMYGOD!AAAAAHHHHING! about her was way too overkill for me. Hmmm.

Mitchell - For me, another who? He may have been spotlighted in that original audition, but I don't remember him.

Alexander - I can't believe they kept me waiting the whole show!! Damnit, I liked Jeremiah even past that breakdown in his first audition, saw him when he auditioned again, AND in the Canadian SYTYCD, so I've been hoping to see him get a chance finally. And I did randomly think of him again when the show started, then at one point, I was sure that I saw him in a quick shot in the waiting room during Vegas week. Then, then, then, they actually spotlighted him and I was all YES!!! And then it was a no. Damnit, damnit, damnit!

Uhm, okay, Alexander, I have no clue who you are. :shrugs: You are hot, at least.

Ryan - Good, I'm really glad she made it. I liked her enough to remember her from last year, but she wasn't a favorite. This year, she's really won me over.

Okay, about fifteen seconds into this dance, I said aloud: "What the fuck is this?" And at the end of the routine, I was still wondering. Seriously, Travis? Please have gotten the crappy choreography out of your system before voting starts. Just, no. I mean, there's expressing joy in dance and there's just randomly throwing a few moves around to joyous music. This was the latter. But, of course, it's Travis (their golden boy) so they are kissing his ass like there's no tomorrow. Ah well, all the other dances were great.

Top 10 Guys - Speaking of great dances ... okay, so unless he's expended all of his awesome on tonight's show, I think we've found our shining star new choreographer of the season in Christopher Scott. That routine was just DAYUM! This guy is damn good.

Top 10 Girls - Sigh. It's obvious why dancers love Sonya, and she seems incredibly cool, and is obviously incredibly talented, I just -- I dunno, for me, I either flat-out dislike most of her stuff or find it boring. This one? Was boring, especially coming off of that amazing Scott routine. Ah well.

Top 20 - Too messy, it looked like 20 dancers onstage competing for room. Don't know who choreographed that one, but I wasn't impressed.

So no HUGE favorites going into it, we'll see what happens during the shows. After all, Neil didn't grab me until two or three weeks into the live shows and he's my all-time favorite. :)

RE: The changes for this season. I like that we get the top 20 and the paired partners the first half, and I like that we get the all-stars too (hopefully Neil will be one again!). So that really works for me. What also worked was how they did this top 20 reveal. I liked how they introduced the dancers and showed them dance now with that top 20 reveal. Very cool. Nigel, you done good so far this year. Keep it up. :)
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zellie: misc | music : toesleucocrystal on June 11th, 2011 07:16 pm (UTC)
I'm finally watching this show from the very beginning! I'm glad there's someone out there to discuss it with, heh.

(That said, do you know if Wade Robson is still choreographing for the show? I always loved his stuff when I caught it in the past. Plus, he's a major protege of MJ's, so that doesn't hurt. ;))

I think my favorite males right now are easily Robert (the MJ love from him doesn't hurt either, haha) and all his energy and unique personality (he's so fun to watch) and probably Wadi and Jess. That tap routine was so fantastic! As for the ladies, I'd say probably Sasha (though I loved her sister too, and even though I knew they would never take her to the top 20, I was hoping I'd be proven wrong somehow) and Melanie? We'll see.
Arabian: Neil&Lacey01arabian on June 11th, 2011 07:27 pm (UTC)
I haven't heard about Wade yet. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't.

I did think that Natalia would because they had a similarly heavyset girl in the past. My mom was a dancer and overweight. Trust me, if you can dance, unless you're obese, you can still dance! So I was very disappointed in that.

I post about this show all the time, so you definitely have someone to discuss it with. :)
zellie: misc | music : funkyleucocrystal on June 12th, 2011 10:36 pm (UTC)
I really am bummed she didn't make it. And trust me, I've been dancing (on and off) since age 6; I've known my share of all sizes and types of dancers! I was hoping to see the show represent with Natalia in that way. (Then again, I also really loved seeing her dance with Sasha; they work as a pair so well! And there was no way they would keep both.)
Arabian: Dancing Cucumberarabian on June 13th, 2011 04:51 pm (UTC)
Yeah, they worked really well as a pair. Ah well, there's almost always a couple that don't make it that bum me out. :(
Alisha: SoM Dancekalishaka on June 11th, 2011 08:33 pm (UTC)
I was hoping so much for Natalia. Donyelle was one of my favorite dancers of all time on this show, and Natalia just reminded me so much of her with the amount of passion she put into it....and I just WANTED IT SO MUCH!

Melanie was fab. I am actually kind of upset they didn't give her a bit more attention during Vegas Week.

Iveta isn't that remarkable for me personality wise. But FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY....aka Pasha..... I NEED HER TO STAY FOREVER! I could watch those two dance forever. It was soooo good.

Nick is fabulous and I am secretly in love with him. I need to see him dance more but that Tap Routine blew my mind. And the fact that two boys and 4 girls can tap....I have happy feelings about this season.

I actually enjoy Travis's choreography...but it always feels like a rip off of a Mia piece. The one tonight, reminded me of the season 3 piece between Laci and Neil, about her dad.

Christopher Scott is always fab.

I actually always enjoy Sonya...but I think it's because without Wade...she's the only bit of constant weird I get. Plus, I firmly believe she builds her choreography around the dancers with the full intent of challenging them. And I can appreciate that always.

In reference to the Top 20, I hate the group routines until the number gets smaller. It's just hard to have that many bodies moving around a stage all with their own unique parts. It always just seems cluttered and awkward.

I realize I don't really know if I have any feelings yet about the rest of the dancers. We shall see. I am excited about how awesome all the girls are looking this year though.
Arabian: Damon & Elena02arabian on June 13th, 2011 04:54 pm (UTC)
I wasn't a big fan of Donyelle, but I did like her. Natalia just touched me in a way that Donyelle didn't, so yeah, I was really bummed. :(

It's probably better they didn't give Melanie more of a push so resentment can't build up.

I NEED HER TO STAY FOREVER! I could watch those two dance forever. It was soooo good.

I KNOW RIGHT!!!! I was riveted.

I actually enjoy Travis's choreography...but it always feels like a rip off of a Mia piece. The one tonight, reminded me of the season 3 piece between Laci and Neil, about her dad.

Me too, and it totally was a rip-off. (Lacey, btw). See icon.

Sonya does provide the weird, but I don't like some of her hard lines, and again, she does kinda bore me. Wade (other than that HORRIFIC cheerleader/football team finale routine a few years back) almost never does.

In reference to the Top 20, I hate the group routines until the number gets smaller. It's just hard to have that many bodies moving around a stage all with their own unique parts. It always just seems cluttered and awkward.

Agreed, agreed.

Yes, we do have a great group of female dancers this year. Yay!

sourisvho: Jazz handssourisvho on June 12th, 2011 03:11 am (UTC)
I am SO pissed off. My DVR didn't record it Thursday night, even though it was set up to. And of course that was the one night that I was out late. ::headdesk:: And my computer is too slow to watch eps online.
Arabian: ATttD - Sorryarabian on June 13th, 2011 04:54 pm (UTC)
Oh, hon, I'm so sorry! :( That sucks royally for you. (Maybe you can hit a library sometime and watch at least the youtube clips of the dancing?)
Vickie: SYTYCD-Pashasarcasticcheese on June 13th, 2011 03:34 pm (UTC)
Tastey Oreo choreographed the Top 20 routine.

I love Sonya. Love. Love. Love. I also enjoyed Travis' routine. It was simplistic, and for a group dance, I thought it was great.

There were a couple cuts that I was bummed about. I completely agree with you about Natalia. She should have been the one on the show instead of Sasha, but because of her size, I knew she wouldn't make it.

I was also bummed that Virgil was cut. I enjoyed him in his initial audition and in Vegas.

Highlight of the night for me was PASHA. I ♥ him so.
Arabian: Chelsie & Markarabian on June 13th, 2011 04:57 pm (UTC)
Tastey Oreo choreographed the Top 20 routine.

Shocker! See, I dislike most of his stuff even when I don't realize it's him. Pfft.

Sonya is wonderful, I just can't get into most of her routines, and you are definitely not alone. I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority about her. Travis' routine, well, you nailed it for me. It was simplistic, as opposed to simple. The latter kind has a lovely, understated grace, the former is what I saw. But, obviously, to each their own. That's the thing about dance it can inspire wildly different emotions from the same routine.

I was hoping Natalia would make it despite her size because they had let Donyelle through and she made it to the final four. I don't know, Sasha just doesn't have that spark that Natalia did.

I did like Virgil too, but most of my grief was rolled up in Jeremiah and Natalia. :sobs:

Pasha was utterly divine!!!!!!!!!!!!
killingfrost87killingfrost87 on June 15th, 2011 07:14 am (UTC)
I think Ryan is my early favorite, there's just so much JOY in her movement. I love it

Wadi too, was SO glad he made it through , can't wait to see what he does