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04 June 2011 @ 10:24 pm
Justified. Damn good show.  
So I'd heard about this on my flist, and kept it in the back of my mind to watch. A few weeks ago, I was really sick and stuck home in bed, so I started watching it. While I thought the first episode was good, it didn't really grab me. Fast forward to Memorial Day, I decided to try the second episode since I was sick and miserable after all when I watched the Pilot, so maybe I'd like it more when healthy. Oh boy, am I glad that I did! I LOVE THIS SHOW! (Now, it's not The Vampire Diaries love, but I'm not sure anything ever else could be, but still, I love this show!) And I am so very much in lust with Timothy Olyphant. I've seen him in other things, but he never really got to me. For some reason the combination of him and Raylan Givens (his character) absolutely works for me and I'm all a'tingle! (Seriously, I comment about four/five times an episode on his hotness. SO HOT!) Ian Somerhalder is still my #1 celebrity crush, but Mr. Olyphant has easily slid into the number two spot. Yummy!


I adore Raylan, but I find myself loving all of the characters. My second favorite is definitely Boyd, and damn, if the show didn't do an amazing job in the twists and turns and building of this character. I was partial to Natalie Zea already (I remember her when she was the recast Gwen on Passions -- who was then replaced by the original Gwen, played by Susan Lucci's daughter!), so I figured unless her Winona was horribly written, I'd like her. She's not, and so yeah, I love her too. Ava took a bit of time to grow on me, but by episode four of season two, I was on board with her too. And now I'm all SHE BETTER NOT DIE! I love Art, Rachel, Tim and Helen (sniff, sniff). All of the recurring characters, even the one-off ones are genuinely interesting.


I didn't really cotton to Raylan and Ava so I'm glad they've moved from that. Especially since I've got Raylan and Winona and Ava and Boyd (!) out of that. I think that Olyphant and Zea have great chemistry, and I love that even in the midst of all of the drama, there are still moments where they are just utterly cute and adorable and I want to squish them. And Ava and Boyd -- what a development there, alongside Boyd's -- just spark.

Acting/Writing and Plots/Direction

Overall, it's top-notch across the line. The plots, the overreaching season arcs as well as the one-episode cases, are really well done, connect beautifully and really grab and keep attention. I also really enjoy the fact that there is a sly sense of humor and laugh-out-loud moments (the old geezers chase -- sorry Art -- comes to mind, hilarious!) amidst all of the drama, gunslinging, drug-pedaling, backstabbing, betrayal, sexing, profanity, blood-shedding, law-breaking and mayhem.

Overall, I'm really glad I decided to watch this show. I wish I could remember who it was on my flist who talked about this show enough that it stuck in my brain. Now, I just have to wait forever for season three. *sigh*
Beccy: Justified ~ Raylan/Winona1epic_love on June 5th, 2011 11:55 am (UTC)
Yay, I'm so glad you watched this, it's just one of the best damn shows EVER! I am so completely obsessed with it. Timothy Olyphant is just guh!perfection in this, and I'm glad you're liking Raylan/Winona, 'cos I love them so!

But season 3 is so far away *double sigh*
Arabian: Raylan&Winonaarabian on June 5th, 2011 12:17 pm (UTC)
Pretty icon.

Yeah, it's so, so, sooooooooooo very good. Tight, well-written, well-acted with just the right touch of well, everything. Such a fantastic show.

Timothy Olyphant? I do not know. I watched Deadwood, I saw him on The Office, I'm pretty sure I saw him in Damages too, and I've seen him in movies here and there and he never did anything for me. In this? OH MY GOD! I AM SO IN LUST WITH HIM; he's killing me dead in all the right ways.

I really like Raylan/Winona too and from the little I've read both Graham Yost and Olyphant are totally on that train and love Natalie Zea ... so yay!!

But season 3 is so far away *double sigh*

I know! I couldn't have waited until my Christmas break to watch this? Ugh.
Beccy: Justified ~ Timothy Olyphant1epic_love on June 5th, 2011 01:01 pm (UTC)

Yep, yep, yep. It's just so strong and so gripping, I'm always just continually amazed by it.

I've actually LOVED him since Scream 2, hee. I've pretty seen him in everything he's done, and he's why I watched Justified in the first place, thank god!

eolivet on June 6th, 2011 11:48 am (UTC)
Hey, OT -- but are you going to post about this past Saturday's Doctor Who? I was curious to get your thoughts on how Moffat handled the whole thing. ;)
Arabian: I ♥ RTDarabian on June 6th, 2011 12:11 pm (UTC)
Didn't watch it; I may be done with DW (at least Moff's version.)