Arabian (arabian) wrote,

So You Think You Can Dance (Premiere)

A few dancers I really liked. For those who don't know, this season is another bit of a change, they are back to the top 20, and once they hit the top 10, they're bringing the all-stars back to dance with them. I just hope (obviously!) that Neil is one of the all-stars again.

I am so this show's bitch. I just love dancing so much and this show is capable of showcasing some outstanding dancing. (So changing it's placement on my list of shows; I wrote that before watching the premiere.)

- Melanie Moore - WOW! Just, yeah, wow.

- Deon Lewis Jr/Damon Bellman - Good and hilarious. It literally me clap and laugh out loud. LOVED THEM!

- Marko Germar - He was excellent, but charismatically-speaking, he didn't grab me.

- Kimalee Piedad - Beautiful. That's some awesome control. Whoah!

Tyce remains as annoying as ever. GO. AWAY! He doesn't even have good (let alone amazing) choreography* to make up for he's douchy lameness. SHUT. UP! (*Okay, I do like his contemporary choreography.)

- Ashley Rich - She was very good, but I didn't see how she was that much more amazing than other dancers. The commentary from Tyce (ugh!) and Toni during the dance was a bit OTT. I don't know. She was really good, but the AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! from the judges kinda threw me a bit.

- Jeffrey McCann - I love the great b-boyers and always hope that they can pull other stuff off when they're as entertaining as this guy.

- Ryan Ramirez - I did think she was good last year, so I don't mind seeing her again.
Tags: sytycd, tv

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