Arabian (arabian) wrote,

'Chuck' Season Finale

Yeah, there were a few blah episodes, but overall, this was my favorite season of Chuck. Just fantastic.

- Man, oh man, it was so perfect how they had Morgan say the exact same thing that Chuck did "Guys, I know kung-fu." And Morgan as the intersect, I just love it so much.

I loved how they interspersed those key Chuck/Sarah moments into the wedding at the end there. I loved how they built up and did everything frankly. I do think that Lauren Cohan is a weak actress (aside from her mostly stellar work in the last episode she appeared in of The Vampire Diaries) so I didn't really buy the Vivian-arc, but I loved the concept and everyone else involved.

Just such a strong season, with great characters, I've loved seeing Chuck and Sarah's love story continue with them as a couple, and it was all portrayed so beautifully. Yeah, I just walked away loving the whole thing. Yay!
Tags: chuck, chuck/sarah, tv

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