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Quick TVD finale comment

I am feeling better now. I'm hoping that a night's rest will finish the icky.

Posting before bed because I couldn't get this out of my head. I read this review of The Vampire Diaries finale from the LA Times this morning and just couldn't get over one statement contained in it. I finally just hopped back over to the review and responded because I found the sentiment truly mind-boggling. Behind the cut is the quote, and my response. If anyone agrees (or, heck, disagrees) feel free to go on over and leave your two cents. Honestly, I read stuff like this and I'm like why the hell are idiot people like this allowed to write TV reviews for legitimate sources and I'm stuck. It just sucks.

"... he said she should have met him when he was human because she would have liked him. An interesting thought. Human Damon was very sweet and innocent and love-struck, but he was also quite naïve and easily swayed. Would Elena have gone for him?

“I like you now. Just the way you are,” she replied before kissing him. Really? There's nothing you'd change about him? Yes, it's Damon who loves and protects her, but he's also done some pretty horrible things to her."

And here's my response:

I had to come back here and respond to this bit hours later because I honestly am mind-boggled that this was actually written and could not get it out of my head. Yes, the guy's done lousy things, but there is a time and a place to point out a person's flaws. ON THEIR DEATH BED IS NOT ONE OF THOSE TIMES. Honestly, what did you expect Elena to say? "Well, gee, Damon, I like certain things about you, but these are points that I really wish you'd improve upon. Oh wait, you can't ... because you are DYING!"

For all that he has done for her, for how much she does care about him in spite of his flaws, she wanted him to know before his end that despite all of that, someone out there does care and accept him as he is ... flaws and all. Cuz, you know, he was dying and all.

I mean, come on, REALLY!?!??!
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