Arabian (arabian) wrote,

No thinky-thoughts right away again

Have a headache trying to become a migraine. Going to bed.

Boy, was much of my spec based on the extended promo wrong, LOL! Anyhoo, what I find most interesting is that while I'm not on pins and needles to see WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! I'm curious. And I like that better. This really was set-up for so many changes in season three.

- I think I actually liked this season's ender better than last. It was quite simply unexpectedly awesome. Jeremy sees dead people -- or at least his dead girlfriends.

- Yay! Alaric lived. Caroline "lived." (Naturally, Damon, Elena and Stefan are still around.) So I get to keep all my favorites. :)

- So, I think I was right in that Stefan will be the focus of next season as Damon was this go-round (and Elena was last season).

- Anyone who thinks that Elena wasn't sincere in that final scene with Damon did not pay attention when Elena was caught by Katherine, because that's exactly how Nina played it: As if Elena was just caught essentially cheating on Stefan. Which, essentially, she was. And she wouldn't have reacted that way if she was just "trying to make him feel better before dying." (Although, I think Damon may have thought she was based on his "thank you.")

- Yeah, that final Damon/Elena scene? SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Bring on Damon/Elena next season. Yeah, baby.

Finally: "I like you now ... just the way you are." AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
Tags: alaric saltzman, caroline forbes, damon/elena, elena gilbert, katherine pierce, nina dobrev, stefan salvatore, the vampire diaries, tv

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