Arabian (arabian) wrote,

TVD thinky-thoughts post will come later

I gotta be at work extra early tomorrow, so I'll do my TVD post this weekend. A few quick thoughts about it (so brief spoilers), and Community -- the only two shows I watched tonight.

- Community was awesome, and Alison Brie has such a bangin' body it's not even fair, LOL! I loved seeing Annie shine as the main focus this episode because she is awesome, and I was always disappointed at how early (and ridiculously) she went out in the last paintball episode. Josh Holloway? You've so still got it! Phew!

- The Vampire Diaries was extremely well-done. I wasn't OMG! over anything, but as sarcasticcheese and I were discussing, when you promise deaths every episode, instead of being OMG! you're going to like 'oh, that's who died.' They really need to stop with the 'Someone's gonna die!' lure to bring in viewers, because it's not working, and is actively hurting that OOH! OMG! factor of the show. Still, with that said, again, EXCELLENT episode.
Tags: allison brie, community, the vampire diaries, tv

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