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Body of Proof

Anyone else watching this? I watched the first episode because I adored Dana Delaney's turn on Castle. I wasn't terribly impressed. It was okay, good acting, but quite predictable. I wasn't even going to bother with watching the next episode and instead just knock it off my viewing schedule, but I had more time than expected that weekend after the second episode aired so I watched it. And liked it more. By the third episode, I had teared up at the end of the episode, and I already loved the characters. In shows like this, you generally don't even have a feel for the side characters, remember their names, etc. for some time. On this show, I already knew them by that third episode.

I just watched the fifth, and I teared up more than once in the episode. I think they're doing such a great job at using this procedural backdrop to showcase some interesting characters, and the emotional beats of Delaney's Megan Hunt's journey are wonderful. Also, I love seeing three strong women -- all very different, with different looks, styles and approaches -- portrayed. There is Delaney's Hunt, but also Jeri Ryan's Chief Medical Examiner Kate Murphy, and Sonja Sohn's Detective Baker. The character's don't react in predictable ways all the time, the plots aren't utterly predictable and the characters' actions are organic to the individual character.

Plus, Christina Hendricks and Marc Blucas guest-starred in the last episode! Come on, two Whedon alumni? The show has got to be worth giving a chance for that alone!
Tags: body of proof, tv

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