Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Thursday night NBC comedies ...

that I watch. :)

- I love the idea behind it, laughed my ass off in parts, but, yeah, I do think that Dan Harmon was making fun of the Jeff/Annie shippers. Ah well. I don't think it means they're over, and I do still think we have a legitimate shot at being fully canon down the road, but yeah, I saw it as mocking. Sort of gentle, almost loving mocking, but mocking none-the-less. Still had some hysterical moments, and it was very, very clever. I do think that Jeff's speeches mashed up was my favorite part.

- Okay, yeah, I TOTALLY teared up when the gang sang to Michael. I loved it so much. Oh, show. Oh, Michael, I will miss you. :)

- Since I knew there had to be more to Ben's "rejection" and that the reveal would be awesome, I was in uber-squee-mode over Ben and Leslie. And then the final scene sent me into uber-squee-overdrive mode. Loved it. As I did just about every other moment of this show. It's so sweet and funny and charming and adorable.

- I don't know what's up with 30R recently. The last two episodes have only been so-so, in my book. Normally, I laugh my ass off while watching this show, but the last two just haven't done it for me. This makes me sad because I can usually rely on the absurdist humor of this show to crack me up.
Tags: 30 rock, ben/leslie, community, jeff/annie, parks & recreation, the office, tv

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