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TVD vague-ish finale spoilers ... very interesting!

So the new Entertainment Weekly with Harry Potter on the cover has a section on shocking fall finales! And included is The Vampire Diaries, and I found the write-up very interesting, indeed.

There's a nice, fairly prominent picture of Damon and Elena (this one with Stefan completely out of the picture, and no background), with the blurb --"THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Can Elena forgive Damon (again)?"

The section on the show has this to say:

A full moon in the May 5 episode means it's finally time for the sacrifice ritual. As expected the loss of life will be both momentous and tragic. More surprisingly, the May 12 finale shows the emotional fallout during ... a Gone with the Wind movie night in the town square? "Damon (Ian Somerhalder), who is desperately seeking forgiveness from Elena (Nina Dobrev), starts to relive moments from past mistakes made with Katherine back in 1865," reveals executive producer Julie Plec. "As it always true with these events in Mystic Falls, things go horribly awry."

A couple of things.

- I'm not sure the first and second part of Julie's quote go together, but are rather specific quotes pulled out from a longer answer. They could be, but the latter part sounds more like the whole finale in general, as opposed to the Damon/Elena (Damon/Katherine) bit.

- Hmm, Gone with the Wind? Really, now? Number one, I'm excited, because it is my favorite movie, one of my favorite books -- see default icon/journal title -- but more importantly, in terms of the show, Gone with the Wind is the book that Damon was reading in "The Descent," the episode where he revealed that his biggest secret is that he misses being human.

- Damon flashbacking about Katherine? Does this mean? Could it be? Are we actually going to get a Damon-centric flashback episode?!?!? FOR REALS?!?! Is it Christmas?

- Crap, so what does Damon do *this* time that Elena has to forgive? *sigh*

- Wow, a flashback episode in the finale. I don't know why I find that so surprising, but I do. If they are really going for emotional fall-out in the last episode (because all of the action is in the second to last episode), does that mean that the Klaus situation is taken care of in episode 21? Does this mean that all of the threads -- Stefan's selfish love vs. Damon's selfless love for Elena, Stefan's submerged feelings for Katherine, Elena's submerged feelings for Damon, Damon's confession of love, etc. -- that have been building in bits and pieces all season come together (to a degree) in the finale? If so, I think that's actually kinda really cool, and it shows, yet again, that as awesome as the plotting, twisting arcs, etc. are important, the writers get that it's the characters effected by the plots, twisting arcs, etc. that is where the heart of the story is.

- Most interesting as a Damon/Elena fan in that the first bit of press we get promoting the finale is all about Damon and Elena. Things that make you go hmmmmm indeed! Me likey!
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