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2.18 - 'The Last Dance' (The Vampire Diaries)

Woohoo, new Vampire Diaries episode. YAY! Thursday evenings are wonderful, aren't they?

This is mostly going to be random thoughts as opposed to thinky thoughts time (sorry, o favorite Stefan icon of mine.) But since there is a wee bit of TTT, I'll get to that first.

- A good chunk of the reason why I so adored that final Damon/Stefan scene is because it plays into something that I've noticed being dropped in bits and pieces throughout this season. While I don't doubt for a second that Stefan loves Elena, the show seems to be telling us (between the lines) that his love is selfish, and more about his concerns, his desires as opposed to putting Elena first, while Damon appears to love Elena unselfishly, constantly putting her first.

Think back to "Bad Moon Rising," when Stefan told Caroline a vampire shouldn't be with a human because it's dangerous, no-good for the human and way too tempting for the vampire, and then explained that he while he should break up with Elena, he just can't. And then compare that to Damon in "Rose," who flat-out said that because he loves Elena, he can't be selfish with her. And now we have this situation -- this scene where Damon tells Stefan that he's too worried about collateral damage. It seems like it's more important to Stefan to save his relationship with Elena as is, as opposed to Elena herself. Whereas for Damon, it's more important that Elena live ("I'll always choose you.") even if she hates him in the process.

- I'm really liking the difference in how Liz is reacting to Caroline and the Salvatores being vampires this time around. It brings to mind Jeremy's confession that just because the memories are gone, you still feel those feelings. The first time, Liz was scared and freaked out in the beginning, but then she got to know/see Caroline (and Damon) as the people she cared about even after finding out they were vampires. And I can't help but think that such is part of what is driving her dilemma this time, whereas last time, she didn't really have one at all. We saw that very clearly in the Liz/Caroline scene at the top of the show because it truly had that same feel as did the awesome Caroline/Liz scene from "Kill or Be Killed," where Liz saw that even though Caroline was a vampire, she was still the daughter she loved.

- It was pretty obvious that Bonnie wasn't dead *dead,* so I was a bit disappointed in how they did that. I think it would have been stronger had Damon said to Bonnie "let's make Klaus think you're dead," and then we would have been wondering if it worked, or did she really die? Or how it was going to be pulled off, as opposed to the silly teases ("We need to talk" from Damon to Jeremy, so obvious) when she wasn't dead at all. With that said, it was a good plan. Damon does come up with some good plans. He's so right in what he told Stefan: If Elena lives through all of this it's going to be because of Damon doing what has to be done, even if she hates him.

- But she doesn't! YAY! I love, love, LOVE that Elena basically came to apologize to him (for the slap) even if she didn't actually say it, and thank him for doing what needs to be done. He clearly believed that she was still mad at him, hated him, etc., but that she understood where he was coming from was awesome. You had Stefan all huffy and puffy and angry on her behalf, while Elena totally got it and understood exactly why he did it and wasn't mad at him at all. And then didn't fight him when he flat-out told her the choice would always be her if it came down to her and someone else.

I loved that she didn't fight him because it shows, again, what a huge heart Elena gets it. When someone is motivated by love, she can pretty much forgive anything (see back in season one when she began to soften towards Damon because she realized everything he was doing was because he loved Katherine). Damon might not have told her he loved her (this time), but she can have absolutely no doubt about that he does -- if she even has for a while now -- at this point. Not after that final scene. Ooh, ooh, and I loved how she kept looking back at him. Sweet. What I wonder though is what was the point of him throwing the leather pants on the bed, and her pointedly looking at them and then him before she turned to leave. Was it supposed to hint at latent attraction coming to the fore? I dunno.

But upon a few more rewatches, I got to say that his "I will always choose you," had her reaction are just so GUH-worthy! Aaaaah!

And with that, I'm pretty much done with deep thoughts. Onto the randoms in no particular order ...

- Heh, I loved Bonnie's line about Elena owning the boarding house: "I wouldn't want to clean it."

- Starting with the return from the hiatus ("Know Thy Enemy"), Katerina Graham is now listed as Kat Graham in the credits. sarcasticcheese noticed that tonight, and I checked back episodes to see where it started.

- It's rare that we saw almost throw-away inhuman cruelty because it seems as if writers just don't go *there.* The show did tonight when Klaus had Katherine stabbing herself over and over again. Gave me shivers.

- Speaking of Klaus, or rather, erm "Alaric," not surprisingly, Matt Davis did a FANTASTIC job. So much fun seeing him play such a twisted, evil fucker in the sweet shell of my bb Alaric. So nice seeing Davis given some meaty stuff to do. As long as Alaric lives once Klaus is out of his body, damnit!

- Heh, one of he little Klaus moments I especially loved was "Alaric" dancing through the throng of students at the beginning of the dance. Hah! So NOT Alaric, but hysterical.

- Speaking of that throng of students--yes, you could see my nephew. In that first scene with Alaric dancing through the crowd, right as the girl turns to him, you see a guy in an orange jacket and shades dancing behind her. (You see him a few more times as well.) That's my nephew/godson. Awww!!

Here's a shot of him (from that scene). You can also see him pretty clearly dancing behind Bonnie and Damon during their dance.


- Another speaking of ... It didn't make sense in the preview that a Mystic Falls High student wouldn't know who Alaric Saltzman was, so I liked that in the actual scene it was clear that she'd been compelled to say exactly that (hot guy, LOL! So Klaus thinks that Alaric is hot?) to Elena.

- I loved pretty much every single Damon-at-the-dance moment. "Let's blend." Dancing with the two girls on either side of him (wouldn't be a decade dance if Damon wasn't inappropriately dancing with teenage girls) ... Such as Elena. I obviously would have liked more -- and grr, there was apparently a slow dance that Damon and Elena shared as well that was cut! :[ -- but I really did love what we got. The immediate attraction/tension when she flew into his arms, the cute way they were interacting, Damon grabbing her hands in that moment when recalling their victory, the flirtiness and the continued hints of Damon taking her breath away just a bit whenever they got close.

More specifically, what I really liked is that even amidst all of the crazy, Damon got her to smile and laugh and just relax and enjoy herself for a few moments. Something that Stefan wasn't able to do when they were dancing. But Damon was. :)

- Heh, I liked when Damon walked up to "Alaric" and was all, "I'm not impressed with his little game," and Klaus turned to look at him, all offended, LOL!

- As for the other dancing couples -- Yeah, Stefan and Caroline danced, but it was short and very business-like. Bah. Damon and Bonnie's had a nice tense vibe sizing up the situation. Matt and Caroline, uhm, yeah, don't really care. Probably my favorite couple dance (after Damon/Elena) was Jeremy and Bonnie. Of course, I pretty much loved Jeremy and Bonnie through this whole thing. I find them a wonderful pair, and I really like how they are writing them. And I LOVED that Jeremy spoke of the elephant in the room: I have crappy luck with girlfriends. Oh, and Bonnie's reaction, nice quick reaction shot there from Kat Graham. (Bah, I like Katerina better, it's cool!)

- My only issue with any of their scenes was the damn product placement. Look, I get that shows are having to do such placement in the shows themselves now, and I'm mostly okay with it, but if you must do it, please do it at the beginning of the episode, not the end when we're getting all of the emotional fall-out of the episode.

- So, I randomly remembered that I saw Daniel Gillies' name in the credts after the Damon/Stefan scene, so as soon as Damon said he'd choose Elena (and she didn't fight him on it -- see above!), I knew she was gonna hightail it to the basement and pull that dagger out.

- Speaking of -- Hhaha, next week "I believe the term you're looking for is O-M-F-G!" (the "F" via the extended promo) Damn, I love me some Elijah. This show has GOT to figure out a way to keep Gillies around forever!

- Hee! The return of Dana of "Not now, Dana!" fame.

- I get why she's not there, but I was bummed to have no Jenna. And, well, as much as I like her, it must be said: WORST. GUARDIAN. EVER. (Okay, after Lemony Snicket.)

- You know I thought it was pretty petty and bitchy of Elena to withhold Damon's entrance until he agreed to her terms. There's a time and a place, and that wasn't it. (Especially when she has to be an idiot to not realize, duh, he was totally lying.) However, I like stuff like this because it shows that, yes, Elena is only seventeen. She is mature and wise beyond her years, but she is still a teenager, and this was one of those moments where she was clearly a seventeen-year-old thinking that she was acting all mature and stuff. And she wasn't, she was being petty and stupid in that moment. But again, seventeen, and it showed, and I like when we get those moments.

- Shallow moment! All three girls (Nina Dobrev, Candice Accola and Kat(erina) Graham) looked awesomely hot in their outfits. Even if I wasn't the biggest fan of Nina's hair, Accola and Graham just looked fantastic from head to toe (and Nina looked fantastic from, erm, neck to toe, face to toe?).

- Okay, so I get the why of Elena not having her locket, but I would have liked to have gotten at least a line or two explaining how she had vervain on or in her.

- I LOVED that Elena called Alaric "Ric" in class, and then most of the other students looked at her, and she sheepishly went, "Uh, Mr. Saltzman." I've always wanted to see a scene like that acknowledging her different relationship with him, but I never thought we'd get one. But we did. Because -- miracle of miracles! -- they were in school!

- I was quite pissed that Damon casually suggested that Bonnie just kill Alaric to take out Klaus. Look, I know he's all team-Elena-lives!, but not even a smidgen of 'man, that would suck." What the hell, Damon? (Writers?!)

- So I've completely dropped my theory that Elena didn't put Damon on her save-list. I just can't buy that she did after how she acted with him at the dance and in his bedroom.



Overall, won't make my top ten list ever, but it was another very good outing from my favoritest show EVER!

Fine, sarcasticcheese, I lied.
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