Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Dancing with the Stars

I still like the same dancers I did in the first few weeks -- Kirstie/Maks, Kines/Kim, Ralph/Karina, and I don't dislike anyone else. So I don't have much to say, but I couldn't not talk about one particular pair (and a few dances).

Man, oh, man, poor Kirstie! I felt so bad for her, but she and Maks both handled it with the same grace and wry humor that they did last week due to his collapse. Overall, while I like others, I'm really rooting for Kirstie and Maks. Outside of the mishaps, she truly has such innate grace and musicality when she dances. I love watching her move.

I also really enjoyed Anna and Sugar Ray's balletic waltz. That was just so utterly charming. And I think I would have liked Dmitry and Petra's paso doble much better if they had actually had music that worked. I mean, come on, you finally give them classical music to work with and they give them a chipper, happy piece for the frickin' paso doble?! Ugh.

Overall, I am enjoying this season. Especially Kirstie and Maks. :)
Tags: dancing with the stars, tv

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