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2.17 - 'Know Thy Enemy' (The Vampire Diaries)

Whee!! A new Vampire Diaries aired FINALLY after six weeks of reruns and all is right in my fandom world. Squee! I love my show, I love my show, I love my show. WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Oh, that was sooooooo good! Not a heart-stopping, OMG!episode, but a great episode with enough OMG! moments to make this Vampire Diaries fan very, very happy. Even with so little Damon. :pout: That was one of my only two "complaints" -- in quotes because they're really not complaints, more like less than thrilled observations. This just really was a great, solid episode. Let's break it down now!

- Oh, how I so love the female "agency" on this show. These girls get shit done! The biggest power plays, the most active roles (good or bad) in tonight's episode were done by the ladies. Starting with Jenna who reacted to the lies by not sticking around to listen to their excuses, but made the choice to walk away (for the time being). Not an easy choice, and not running way, but rather appropriately dealing with such monumental betrayal; she didn't lose it, she didn't become some wailing banshee. She stood proud and tall and told those liars she wasn't going to look at their lying faces right now. Go Jenna! Still, oh, Jenna. Oh, show! This is why I love you so. Taking away the supernatural aspect of it, you look at what Jenna is getting here -- Elena and Ric (two of the most important people to her) have hurtfully, terribly lied to her for no possible good reason. And we saw that very human reaction. There were only two scenes, but they both packed a powerful punch. I really hope we do get more with Sara Canning because she is a wonderful actress and we just don't get to see enough of her.

Okay, moving on to the other kick-ass women of Mystic Falls, we had Liz coming up with the plan to get all the information from her (dead) daughter by using Matt even though it was clearly breaking her heart. Katherine playing any and every side to keep herself safe (even if she was betrayed -- haha, how's it feel, Kat?); Isobel going after every angle, manipulating all of the weak humans around her to get done what she needed to. (Although, technically this was done under Klaus' compulsion, and he did get her to make herself go all sun-ashy, so she doesn't get all the credit.) Caroline being honest and forthright. (Although, I hope she wasn't TOO honest and forthright. *) Elena figuring out that her being let go is because she won't run, something that neither Stefan nor Damon figured out. Yeah, they might have soon enough, but she got to it first, so go smart!Elena.

* I'm wondering exactly what was the "everything" Caroline told Matt. Did she continue to follow the Stefan Salvatore school of truthtelling and spill only what was necessary (as she did with Tyler, leaving out the Damon/Stefan vampirism)? I really hope she did. At first I thought that she must have told him everything because Matt said "all my friends are liars." Then I realized that him being told that Elena, Bonnie, Tyler, and Stefan knew that Caroline was a vampire would fit under that statement without the knowledge of the Salvatore brothers. I sure hope so, because I don't think I could take Liz trying to take out Damon again.

And Bonnie, oh, awesome, awesome Bonnie -- who I so do NOT think is going to die now, unless they go the 'she's too obvious to kill, so we won't kill her, but aha!, you're thinking we won't because she's so obvious, so we *are* killing her!' route. I just fricking loved Bonnie in her final scene tonight. Having all of that power, making that very tough decision, believing in the goodness of what she can achieve with the powers at her disposal was so very awesome. I just love that on this show, the women are the heroes too. You know what else I loved? That Bonnie said it wasn't just about Elena, it was about saving everyone. Damn straight!

- For the first time ever, I actually found myself genuinely liking Uncle Daddy John. In that final scene, I just felt for him; I felt sorry for what a poor, pathetic sap he is. Played for a fool by a woman (he should join Damon and Alaric's club -- all three were betrayed by the same women to a degree after all), when all he wanted to do in the end was protect his daughter. Oh, John. Oh, pretty Sark, you and your puppy dog eyes. And I'm glad he's not dead/dead, because part of why I'm liking him too is because I love how Elena is so much more a teenager around him. She sulks, is belligerent, rolls her eyes, talks back, etc. For instance, I loved her wide-eyed, mouth-agape reaction to Alaric punching John. Such an OMG!teenager reaction. Which was made even better by Alaric's actual appropriate response to a student seeing him go violent: an apologetic look her way and an "I'm sorry, Elena." Hee!

- Another thing that amused me was how Damon wasn't even pretending to give a crap with Liz and Carol. Normally, he plays the concerned, caring council member (leader, hah!), this time he was all business, in-and-out with very little care for their reaction to the crazy. He's just got much more bigger concerns than these silly humans, and that came across perfectly in that scene. And I loved, loved, his suggestions for a cover story: "An epileptic fit, drunken binge, banana peel ..." BWAH! Banana peel. Oh, Damon, even when there isn't much of you, you're still awesome in every moment onscreen with the best lines. I also liked his "before I knew what a nasty little bitch she was," (about Katherine, and hah! to Jeremy's subsequent chuckle), as well as his "Screw you too. Emily!" when the door was slammed in his face.

Also, I love how cool and calm he is even when bad stuffs happens. Even when he realized that it was a witchy spell reacting to his presence as a vampire, he didn't freak out. Heck, even when he started to burn, he just made it clear that as his ally Bonnie needed to stop it. And she did, and he calmly headed out. So cool. I love Damon.

- So, Alaric possessed by Klaus. Whoah! When Alaric was first taken (you bitch, Isobel!), my actual first thought was: Damon is going to be so pissed! And then, as much as I love Ric, I did kinda forget about his kidnapping for the rest of the episode, but a few seconds into that final scene, I was like, dude, that's my bb Alaric sitting there. Oh noes! What are you doing to Alaric?!??! And then I saw the blood bag and I'm running through all these possibilities and then witchy-dude bowed and I was like 'aww, man! Klaus has taken over Ric's body, Damon's gonna be REALLY pissed!' Oh, but Matt Davis did such an awesome job, the way he stood, held himself and that gorgeous accent at the end. Ooh, delicious! And THANK GOD! for next week's preview because I did have the fear that Ric was dead, just an empty shell now, but Bonnie thankfully informed Elena (and us!) that Klaus had possessed him and I was all phew! Fine, possess him, Klaus, just pretty please don't kill him. You hear that show? No killing of the pretty history teacher/vampire BFF/vampire hunter.

- Speaking of the previews ... Holy!DamonandElena dancing! And Elena with a bit of flirt in that voice there! I knew they danced because of the stills that were released, but I was not expecting even that little moment there. Niiiice. And while there obviously wasn't much in this episode with them, we did get a few moments to hold onto. There was her mentioning John and Isobel going after Stefan *and Damon* and Damon wasn't even there to appreciate that bit, so I'm pretty much firmly off of the 'Elena kept Damon off of the save!list' theory. Yay! Also, she was totally cool with both Salvatore brothers being her bodyguards, and even gave them the choice of accompanying her to the Lockwood estate. (And, dude, you so know that if it had been Damon there, Elena would not have been taken. Ah, Stefan, I love you so, but you're pretty much close to the most useless one of the gang. But you're so cute, I love you!)

And there was also the cute moment when the boys were giving Elena the deed to the house ("You're giving me your house!?" Hee!), and Damon told her not to lock him out and did the flirty eye-thing when she looked at him. Squee! So, yeah, we got a little bit. And the rest of the whole episode was so good, I just can't complain.

- Oh, that reminds me of my other "complaint." Look, I've stated often that I've always loved Caroline, even season one, human, non-bad-ass Caroline, but this episode made me realize that, yeah, like pretty much everyone else, I prefer the season two-vampire, bad-ass Caroline. The Caroline we saw in tonight's episode (especially the last scene) featured a much more season-one like Caroline. Erm, show, if you're gonna kill a main cast member (and yes, I know you are!), pick Matt. If it means we get to keep kick-ass Caroline, pretty please take Matt.

But, I DID feel so much for him. And their scenes were again reason why I love this show so. When she said she'd tell him everything, and then it went to another scene, I had a little niggle of doubt (show, please forgive me) where I was disappointed because seeing her tell him, his reaction would have been such a strong, emotional moment. And, then, yay! We did get it. Yes, it was the tail-end of her tale, but he hadn't reacted yet (judging by her "please say something") and so we did get the important stuff, it was just the recap we missed. We got the emotion, got his pain, the reminder that he has no one and I was just, oh, Matty! And then he went out to the car, and I was whaaa?! And then was just thisclose to crying in that scene. Oh, Matt. Oh, Liz! I love her so. I was all verklempt once I realized what was happening in the car with Matt and Liz.

Matt: It's like she died.
Liz: {Thisclose to falling apart} She did.

*Sigh* Love this show so much. Ahem, okay, randoms ...

- Hah! "Aunt Vanilla." Almost as good as "Vampire Barbie." Sorry, Jenna, but that was HI-larious.

- And speaking of Isobel, so half-way through the episode, I was thinking that Isobel had apparently been lying all the way back to the final scene of "Isobel," and that was just shocking in her coldness. And, then, of course we found out that she had just become another pawn that Klaus was using. I love how motives/character actions can go from horrifying to heartbreaking all in the span of one episode (I'm thinking of Tyler in "Crying Wolf" also). And, yeah, I'm using that Klaus-angle to explain how rough Isobel was looking. I'm just going to assume that Klaus was torturing her and because he's an Original with mystical powers, it did affect her and she wasn't able to bounce back as a vampire normally would. Something's gotta explain that haggard look, and that works for me.

- My goodness, Katherine's boobs were on "Hello! Look at me!" display tonight.

- Yeah, yeah, she found the moonstone, but that was pure luck. That was actually a pretty awesome hiding spot. And, my, does Damon have a lot of fancy, pretty, shiny soaps!

- Gratuitously shirtless Damon. Thank you. :)

- The fact that Damon had a wad of cash was interesting, Damon just never struck me as that kind of guy, so, yeah, interesting. Also? Hysterical, how Katherine just snatched it and tucked it in her bra. Hah! (Forgot this bit. Thanks to midnightblack07 for reminding me of it.)

- Okay, I admit it, I thought at first that Bonnie's witchy powers show would be lame. Big deal, a bunch of leaves, but then she made the sky darken and lightning flash and thunder go boom, and I was suitably impressed. Also, I liked her dry, "a lot" afterward to Jeremy. Hee!

- Finally, in honor of that final glass clink between the brothers Salvatores, I chose this icon. I do want to add, though, that I did find it interesting that both Damon and Stefan were casually talking of Bonnie who very well could die because of her "secret weapon" ability without a bit of concern. Damon? Not so surprising. Because (a) it's Damon, and (b) it's Bonnie who Damon doesn't give a shit about, partially because she tried to burn him alive and likes to give him brain aneurysms. But Stefan? Oh, Stefan, your undead, uncaring side is showing. Tsk, tsk.

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