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Dancin with the Stars (night 2)

It's night two of DwtS, whee! (And I'm posting my thoughts the night it airs, wow!)

Ray and Anna - I do like Sugar Ray, and Anna! Some weak moments, but overall, I do think he definitely has potential, and he sells the attitude of the dance really well.

Kendra and Louis - She really has excellent footwork, especially for a non-dancer. She sticks around long enough, she really has the potential to be up there with some of the best on this show. Ah, but she needs to work on pointing those toes! She's no Kelly, but I do like her and Louis. RE: Judging, I disagree with Bruno (obviously), she may have screwed up some of the footwork, but in terms of her kicks, her extensions, she really is great. I'm with Carrie-Ann and Len.

Chelsea and Mark - Wow,I really, REALLY liked the choreography of that piece. A LOT! And Chelsea did a fabulous job. She's just adorable, and a good dancer. And, wow, I really loved the choreography, but I did wonder while watching it if it would get dinged badly for not being ballroom enough. And it was. But it was still a great routine, and Chelsea did a pretty good job for only the second week.

Chris and Cheryl - Hmm, someone's a Lord of the Rings fan, LOL! He's doing a fantastic job. Damn, the show lucked out with such a promising bunch of dancers this season! I like! Whoo, go Chris!!! Totally makes up for my less than enthusiastic response to him last week.

Petra and Dmitri - She's still too tentative, and a bit stiff, but she still shows great potential, and her kicks were great. Plus, she did a great job selling the routine, and she's just so lovely.

Kirstie and Maksim - Hee!

Maksim: Our next dance is the quickstep?
Kirstie: I'm assuming that's gonna have to be fast?

And then ... "Winning." LMAO! Ahem, okay, she's gonna dance now. First off, she looks gorgeous, secondly, not as strong as last week (I think I saw some messed up footwork), but my gosh, does she have great natural grace and rhythm. Just fabulous. Hah, that ending! You know if anyone was gonna lay one on Maks, it'd be her! (Ah, so I did see the messed up footwork.)

Mike and Lacey - Oh, Lacey, again, that hair! WHY?!?!? Yeah, I like Mike, but he's no Kyle. She ain't getting to the final two with him (or anywhere close). I do like him, though. I do.

Romeo and Chelsie - Yeah, when even Chelsie doesn't make me sit up and go WHOAH!, I know it's the dance. I'm not a fan of the quickstep. Ah well. He did good; I do think he has great potential, and anything that keeps Chelsie on the show longer makes me happy. :)

Wendy and Tony - Better than last week, definitely. I think she was better than Mike.

Ralph and Karina - Again, not as good as last week, but still wonderful. He has great natural talent, and he just makes me smile watching him dance. Love him.

Hines and Kym - Ooh, I think he's done the best quickstep tonight! Very smooth and niiiice. Well, not enough flick to his kicks, but other than that, he really seemed to nail it. Good frame, no butt sticking out, fast footwork, seemed well-placed. Very suave too. :)

Again, just a fantastic crop of dancers this season. My faves so far (after two dances) are ...

1. Kirstie
2. Ralph
3. Hines (and after tonight)
4. Chris
5. Chelsea
6. Kendra

Going home? Probably Mike or Wendy. Hmm, maybe Petra.
Tags: chelsie hightower, dancing with the stars, tv

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