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Dancing with the Stars (yay I made it before the next ep!)

Finally got around to watching Dancing with the Stars, there were one that I really liked and a few that I ... didn't.

Chelsea and Mark - She's cute, sparkly and charismatic. A good dancer starting out, I can see her getting much better.

Wendy and Tony - Eh. No.

Hines and Kym - He's adorable! And quite a good dancer already. Go him. I totally called that that he needed to tuck that booty in, but overall, I was quite impressed.

Petra and Dmitri - Aww, I wanted her to be better because she's so lovely (and I love Dmitri), but she's a bit stiff. However, it is the first week and she could definitely improve.

Romeo and Chelsie - Damn!Chelsie Hightower is SUCH a fantastic dancer. I love her so much! Ahem, yes, waaaaaaaaay better than Master P. But more than that, he really does have potential, and he and Chelsie have chemistry. I'm hopeful that Chelsie might have a shot with him.

Sugar Ray and Anna - I've always liked him (even if I'm not a boxing fan), so I was a bit worried when he began dancing. You could see him worrying over every step, but once he started to just let go and get into it, he was pretty dang good. Yay!

Kendra and Louis - I gotta say Kendra is cracking me up. I vaguely know of her, but I'm enjoying her here so far. And it can never be said enough: LOUIEEEEEEEE!!! LOVE HIM! As for her dancing, yay, she does have potential. Definitely needs more finesse, technique, but she does seem to have the tools there to really get it going.

Ralph and Karina - Okay, he's my favorite so far. Too loose a bit, and lacking in finesse here and there, but overall, oh my! I loved it. So charming, so likable, so fabulous. He really, really has the base of what it takes to make it all the way. So, so, so much potential for greatness. LOVED IT! LOVED HIM!!! Had me clapping and grinning and just in love! GO RALPH!!

Chris and Cheryl - I liked him during his earlier WWE days (yes, I watched the WWE during The Rock and Kurt Angle days), but I found him kinda boring on the dance floor. Like many others though, he does have potential. He just didn't grab me as most of the others did.

Mike and Lacey - First, lordy no, Lacey. That two-toned hair has GOT to go. Really, hon? Sigh. Mike's amusing, and surprisingly has some good potential as well. I gotta say, other than Wendy, they've picked grabbed a really good crop this season.

Kirstie and Maksim - WOW! She's 60?! She does NOT look 60 at all. Damn! OH. MY. GOD! I heard she was surprisingly good, but HOLY CRAP! She was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! Wow, wow, wow, WOW! Her footwork, her arm movements, her hip action, her everything. OH MY GOD! She and Ralph are easily my favorites.

RE: Scoring, I loved Ralph, but I think that they overscored him, and I do think that Kirstie should have scored higher. Ah well, no biggie, I suppose.

The show did a GREAT job getting their stars this season. Again, other than Wendy, everyone has great potential. This could be a great season.

Just a note, I have very little free time now with my new job, so if there is very little interest in my posts on DwtS, I'll probably not write up about it much this season. So, if you like reading, discussing my dancin' thoughts, please do respond and let me know.
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