Arabian (arabian) wrote,

I is lauging SO hard right now!

Daniel Gillies (twitter: mrholymonster) & Joseph Morgan (twitter: josephmorgan) -- Elijah and the unseen Klaus of The Vampire Diaries -- on Twitter are cracking me up. This little exchange had me rolling.
    mrholymonster: listen, 'b' & 'n' are neighbors on the keypad. I did not capture/sexually assault a leprechaun -

    mrholymonster: Guys, seriously - no lewd remarks about @paulwesley being number 69 in my 'Following'. Or that @_josephmorgan is directly beside him...

    josephmorgan: @mrholymonster this from a man who abuses leprechauns!

    mrholymonster: @_josephmorgan first of all: consensual kissing is not 'abuse'. second: ian is not that short.

    josephmorgan: @mrholymonster Damn it! I've been walking round on my knees, dressed in green for days now trying to catch your eye.

    mrholymonster: @_josephmorgan that was you? I thought it was either a gregarious pot-plant or an infant hulk. please forgive the taser.

    josephmorgan: @mrholymonster an easy mistake to make, I accidentally lassoed a Smurf last week in a similar incident.
Seriously, LMAO! Especially loved the bit about Gillies and Ian kissing! Too bad we actually wouldn't get something like that on the show, although I really don't see why not. :(
Tags: daniel gillies, ian somerhalder, the vampire diaries, twitter

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