Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Survivor thoughts

Enjoying this season so far in general (as I, well, generally do) and specifically because of my beloved Boston Rob. :)

Now, Matt just needs to do away with Russell once and for all and I will be a happy, happy Survivor camper. "One of the most successful players," my ass, Jeff! Yeah, success based mostly on luck and the fact that neither season's players had any clue what a backstabbing, vindictive, arrogant, lying, trollish individual he was. Oh, gee, what happens the second he's in a season where people know his MO? Oh, right, not only is he the first voted out in his tribe, but they throw a frickin' challenge (as stupid as really it was!*) to get rid of his ass.

Honestly, though? I can't blame them.

* Or not. By voting him out ASAP, even if he defeats Matt, he'll have to keep defeating people until the RI winner is put back in the game, and that will take a toll with doing everything to survive on his own.

And, I kid you not, the second it was clear that Russell was voted out, I yelled "Halleluja!" Yes, I did!
Tags: survivor, tv

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