Arabian (arabian) wrote,

American Idol, Top 12 Guys

Just listing my five favorite guys ...

1. Casey Abrams - I think he went too much growly, but overall, he owned that stage like nobody's business and sounded great and I LOVED the final bit.

2. Scotty McCreery - He really made me feel the emotion of the song, and since I like *country* country as much as pop country, it was nice hearing a full-blown *country* country boy go at it, and good.

3. Brett Loewenstern - Not really my favorite song choice for him, but he sure had fun with it and his voice is fabulous. I just wish he'd gone all out at the end. Being honest, though, were he not my favorite going into this, I'm not sure I'd have him this high.

4. Jovanny Baretto - His was actually the only ballad sung tonight that I liked. It was a bit karaoke, but it was still was the best, in my opinion. His was sung the best overall (the other balladeers -- especially Robbie Rosen -- were pitchy as heck!), and I loved certain melodies and modulations he used.

5. Clint Jun Gamboa - I still don't like him, but he was the one guy whose voice I don't really like the sound of that still got my admiration for what he did with the song.

Who I think we'll be in the top five faves? Other than Casey? I have no frickin' clue. I do worry about the praise and love he's getting right now because it's very much coming off as "hand him the crown now!" and when that happens this early on, it ain't gonna happen. *sniffsniff* Crystal *sniffsniff*

Non-spoilery -- I'm loving Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler as judges. Just loving them!
Tags: american idol, music, tv

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