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25 February 2011 @ 11:49 am
American Idol, Top 24  
So we have our top 24, and there are quite a few I like with a definite favorite to win, and definite favorite girl and boy. And a few I don't like. Of course.

Use this post for a reference as to who's who. :)

Ashthon Jones - She's a good singer, but didn't really capture me.

BRETT LOEWENSTERN - My favorite boy. I love him, love him, love him, love his voice. LOVE HIM!

Casey Abrams - He's mad talented. I really like him.

Clint Jun Gamboa - Very talented, great voice, I like him, but something about him does rub me just a tad off.

Haley Reinhart - The little I've seen, I can see that she can sing, but I don't like her inflections or runs. She kinda bugs. Maybe seeing her live will change that thought.

Jacob Lusk - I don't like his style. I'm sure those that like his style of singing adore him, but if you're not into his style, I don't see how he'll get past the top 24. I just don't, and I hope he doesn't.

James Durbin - Adam Lambert-redux, but I like his voice better, even if I liked Adam better overall. We'll see if he can handle it all.

Jordan Dorsey - Came across as a bit of an ass, but a damn talented ass.

Jovany Barreto - Aww, I like him, but I don't love his voice. He'd have to really win me over to get in my winner's circle.

Julie Zorrila - She never impressed as much as she did in her initial audition, but I'm keeping my eye on her.

Karen Rodiguez - Really good voice, and I like her style.

Kendra Chantelle - Boring, and her voice does nothing for me.

LAUREN ALAINA!! - She is my favorite girl, pick to win, and overall favorite. Off-stage, she reminds me so much of Kelly Clarkson (in the best ways possible), and when she's performing, my GOD!, that girl just comes alive. She sparkles, shines and just lights up the stage. All that, plus, she's cute as a button and has an AMAZING voice. Love her. (And she's from Georgia! Cool!)

Lauren Turner - She's a good singer, but didn't really stick out that much to me. I do remember liking her in her initial audition, but she kinda faded into the background after that.

Naima Adedapo - Great voice, but she doesn't do anything for me. Maybe she'll win me over in the live stuff.

Paul McDonald - Does nothing for me, and I'm not particularly fond of his voice.

Pia Toscano - Who? Yeah, that's how big an impression she made on me.

Rachel Zevita - YAY! I wrote about her in past seasons -- Great voice, and oh my, I got chills listening to the opera. Beautiful. I loved when she said it's a different theme each week and I can sing any theme. -- I hope that holds true. I remembered her as soon as I saw her in the early auditions, and I really hoped she'd make it through and she did, yay! (After Lauren, she's my favorite girl.)

Robbie Rosen - Totaly cutie-pie with a great voice. I see him going far.

Scott McCreery - I like him, but I'm still not sure.

Stefano Langone - I know they spent a bit of time on him, but he's pretty unmemorable to me.

Tatynisa Wilson - And, again, who?

Thia Megia - Third favorite girl, a youngin' or not, she's got a SENSATIONAL voice.

Tim Halperin - His voice makes me melt. LOVE HIS VOICE. Whoo!

Who I think we'll make top 12. (and it won't necessarily be 6 boys/6 girls, instead, they are going back to the season one angle where whoever gets the most votes, gets the most votes. Or wait, maybe they aren't and Nigel Lythcoe changed his mind because they are separating it into boys and girls again.) Anyhoo, who I think will make it based on what we've seen thus far.

Ashthon Jones
Julie Zorrilla
Lauren Alaina
Karen Rodriguez
Rachel Zevita
Thia Megia
Naima Adedapo

Brett Loewenstern
Casey Abrams
Clint Jun Gamboa
James Durbin
Jordan Dorsey
Robbie Rosen
Scotty McCreery
Tim Halperin

I do have 7 girls, most likely it will be Rachel who wouldn't make it in this batch, but I had to include her. And I have 8 boys, but I really can't choose. I think that it's between Durbin, Dorsey and Halperin for the sixth spot. Of course, this could all change come performances night. Also, I haven't read ANY thoughts anywhere else so for all I know, I'm completely off on who "America" likes so far. :shrugs:
eolivet on February 25th, 2011 05:37 pm (UTC)
Television Without Pity hates everyone except Casey Abrams. Shocker, I know. ;p It's interesting...they've only preempted "Glee" for a week, so I almost think it has to be "highest amount of votes goes through." Unless they'll do one-hour performance shows at 9 for the remaining two weeks. Hmmm...

Aww, man...your favorite is my least favorite. :( Something about that girl just bugs -- I don't deny her voice is amazing. But I don't like how she plays up to Steven Tyler, and to me, she gives off a very entitled vibe. I didn't watch S1 until midway through, so I never saw "behind the scenes Kelly," but Kelly always seemed sweet. Lauren seems...calculated. IDK...

I like Julie Zorilla, though I might just like her wardrobe -- have a hard time remembering her voice. I like most of the guys, too (soft spot for Scotty McCreery...oh, that bass voice! ;) But Brett is awesome -- his original song was great. :)

Interesting you think Durbin might not make it into a top 10...he sort of disappeared after Hollywood week 1... He's VERY polarizing.

All in all, I think we're in for a great season, though. I'm loving these new judges, and I NEVER thought that would happen. ;p Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!! :)
Arabian: Brooke&Cook_02arabian on February 25th, 2011 06:00 pm (UTC)
TWoP hates almost everyone? No, you don't say!

You think she comes across as calculated? She's only 15! (Well, 16 now.) I don't mind her playing up to Steven because she only did it twice and the first time was only because they asked her to sing a second song, and since she'd already made it through, she wanted to sing a song of an actual Idol of her sitting in front of her. And the second time was in the group, and the other two girls did it too, as well as plenty of other contestants throughout the run.

Kelly is very sweet, and Lauren has the same vibe. I'm so sorry that you don't like her. :( Maybe she'll win you over in the live shows.

Zorilla's wardrobe is FANTASTIC! And Brett is amazing.

Interesting you think Durbin might not make it into a top 10...he sort of disappeared after Hollywood week 1... He's VERY polarizing.

And that's why I think he might not. I can't imagine that he's not polarizing. I'm sure that half the Adam fanbase is creaming over him, while the other half is hating him for trying to outdo Adam.

The judges are fantastic, and can I take a moment to preen that I was so right that Simon Cowell was SO NOT the make it or break it of this show?!

Edited at 2011-02-25 06:01 pm (UTC)
eolivet on February 25th, 2011 06:13 pm (UTC)
You think she comes across as calculated?

I do -- it's not just the Steven Tyler thing, but the "cousin with cancer" thing (though that thankfully hasn't been brought up lately). I was better with her during Hollywood solo round, and then group round came up and my issues came up all over again. ;p

When I can just listen to her sing (like Hollywood solo rounds), maybe that'll be better. But I kind of feel like she's being shoved down my throat, and I don't like that. :/

I'm sure that half the Adam fanbase is creaming over him, while the other half is hating him for trying to outdo Adam.

Ha -- actually, I think close to 100% of the Adam fanbase hates him, for trying to be an Adam imitator when he is not the Genuine Original. ;p I wish he wouldn't have namedropped Adam like that -- you don't want to invite those comparisons willingly. Wait til the judges bring it up. :/

can I take a moment to preen that I was so right that Simon Cowell was SO NOT the make it or break it of this show?!

You may, you may. :D I'm so happy to be proven wrong -- I thought the show would sink without Simon. What a pleasant surprise S10 has been so far. :D
Arabian: Brooke&Cook_06arabian on February 27th, 2011 12:49 pm (UTC)
I don't even remember the cousin w/cancer thing, and I just can't blame her for it -- especially since it hasn't come up again. That's the show selling the sob story.

I think close to 100% of the Adam fanbase hates him, for trying to be an Adam imitator when he is not the Genuine Original.

Can I say that I actually am pleased to hear this? Loyalty's a good thing, yo! Though, I do get why he mentioned it first, better call it out before others do it in a negative way, I guess.

I wasn't thinking of you specifically, but the hordes of people who said so, and I just couldn't fathom the idea that one judge (no matter how popular) was that important on a show where millions upon millions of people take the time to pick up a phone and vote. That voting had nothing to do with Simon, but with the contestants.
sassy, classy, and a bit smart-assy: Cook Supbadboy_fangirl on February 25th, 2011 06:44 pm (UTC)
I like Brett because he's obviously the NICEST KID EVER! I can't get over how sweet and kind and just totally awesome he is.

I like James Durbin for the same reasons you explain--he's like Adam, but I like him better for listening to. But I loved Adam. He is such a nice person, and I always really liked him, and wished I liked his singing more. Plus, for James, I'd love to see someone with Autism do well. He could inspire a lot of people with his condition. But that's just the "story angle" person in me. *g*

As for the girls, I don't really have a favorite yet, but I'm keeping my eye on Thia. She's stood out to me all along, so I was glad she made the top 24.
Arabian: Brooke&Cook_02arabian on February 27th, 2011 12:50 pm (UTC)
Brett is adorable, and I LOVE his voice.

Durbin is very polarizing, so it will be interesting to see if he makes it. And I do really love Thia's voice.

Edited at 2011-02-27 12:50 pm (UTC)
Kelly: Empire Records dancelavendergaia on February 25th, 2011 07:18 pm (UTC)
Yay, I love all the Lauren Alaina love on my flist! And Casey Abrams, he seems awesome and I want to give him a hug.
Arabian: BrookeWhite02arabian on February 27th, 2011 12:51 pm (UTC)
Glad to know there are others out there who like her too! I was getting worried it was just me and my sister.

Casey is really talented!