Arabian (arabian) wrote,

I just don't get it

Okay, so we knew. We really did. I mean, Ian Somerhalder is a beautiful man, and yet, the hair/make-up people on The Vampire Diaries have clearly made it their mission to diminish that beauty as much as possible. That much is clear (See: Excessive make-up -- especially of the eyeliner variety, inky-black dyed hair, wispy wings feathering his forehead on either side, etc.). But, now there's just definitive proof that the hair and make-up team on TVD are simply on crack. I'm watching Chuck, enjoyable show, and Lauren Cohan (formerly Rose of The Vampire Diaries) is guest-starring. SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS! Her hair, while still short, has a lovely fullness and it isn't chopped and stupid-looking. The make-up makes her look fresh and dewy! Just comparing how she looked on Supernatural and Chuck to how she looked on The Vampire Diaries, ugh! Seriously? What is wrong with those people!

Admittedly, the make-up doesn't look as bad in this pic as it could look on the show, but just comparatively, she looked sooooooooooo much better on the other two shows, it's not even funny.
Tags: chuck, ian somerhalder, supernatural, the vampire diaries, tv

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