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I've got a theory ...

And Damon/Elena shippers probably won't like it.

So, in my review of the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries, I had the thought pop into my head about Damon and Elena that I'm 90% sure that he is on the list of people that she has under her protection, but I'm not totally sure for two reasons. 1) We had Elijah very specifically mention that Alaric was on that list, and then 2) we had Elijah very specifically mention that the ONLY reason he was keeping Damon alive was because he believes that he'll do all he can to protect Elena, ie., no mention of him being on Elena's list. That possibility, coupled with her less than a passing interest in Damon's possible death, plus the fact that Damon called her on her similarity to Katherine way back in "Bad Moon Rising," paired with the (I'm wondering now) perhaps intentional manipulation in "Daddy Issues," makes me wonder if we'll find out that Elena hasn't forgiven him for what he did to Jeremy after all, but is instead using his feelings for her to help keep everyone she does love alive.

It wouldn't be out of character for Elena -- she did easily lie and betray him last season circa "Children of the Damned" and she has more reason now -- and it would certainly throw us all for a loop. I'm not saying I'd like it, but it'd be in character, make sense, and explain why we're seeing so little breakdown in Stefan/Elena, which needs to happen before anything with Damon and Elena can happen. And also, so little reaction from Elena about Damon in any way in scenes *other* than with Damon alone. So, in fact, we may be no where near Damon/Elena happening this season. However, if this *is* happening, I am okay with it, if it plays out fair and square and we start to see actual movement towards the end of the season -- maybe Elena seeing Damon coming this close to dying making her truly begin to forgive him -- or next season. I don't know, just a thought.

It was discounted by a few people for various reasons in response, and a few of those points made me go back and rewatch scenes, rethink things, and what wound up happening is that I became more convinced that I might just be onto something here. Let me list why.

1) In episode 15, Elijah VERY specifically told Alaric that he was on Elena's list of those to be protected. ("Alaric Saltzman. You're one of those people on Elena's list of loved ones to protect.") He just as very specifically told Damon that the only reason he was keeping him alive is because Damon is willing to protect Elena at whatever cost. ("I allow you {points to Damon} to live solely to keep an eye on Elena.") So we had the specificity of Alaric being named as on Elena's list, and we also had the specificity of Elijah telling Damon of a sole reason that he wasn't killing him ... and it had nothing to do with being on Elena's list.

Now, he did tell Damon before entering the boarding house that, "although, Elena and I have this deal, if you so as much make a move to cross me, I'll kill you and I'll kill everyone in this house." However, killing Damon could have absolutely nothing to do with the deal with Elena ... killing Jenna and Alaric, who Elijah knows is in the house, on the other hand, would. It's splitting hairs, but that statement does allow wiggle room that Damon himself is not included in the deal.

2) A response said that Elijah had told Damon he was on Elena's protect list. So I went back and watched the Elijah scenes in the only episode that such a statement could have been made in (2.15, "Crying Wolf," the only episode since Elena made the deal that Elijah has appeared in before 2.16). This was the exact dialogue in that scene:
    Damon: You can't kill me, man. It's not part of the deal.
    Elijah: Silence. I'm an original. Show a little respect. The moment you cease to be of use to me, you're dead. So, you should do what I say. Keep Elena safe.
In other words, *Damon* said that not killing him was part of the deal, but Elijah not only did not confirm that, he ignored the statement and essentially made the same comment (using a different turn of phrase) that he did in this most recent episode: The only reason he isn't killing Damon is because Damon will do whatever he can to keep Elena safe.

3) Damon DID snap Jeremy's neck, and Elena DID tell Damon he'd lost her forever. Upon which he told her that she had more in common with Katherine than just her looks. Going into more detail about my earlier thoughts from the episode review, I'll say that at the time, I thought Elena's reaction and considering look was upset at the notion, now I'm wondering if that considering look was because, well, she was considering the possibility that she could use Damon's feelings to her advantage. As she has. Note how she was plenty angry with him UNTIL after she made the deal with Elijah specifically in "By the Light of the Moon." It was in the next episode ("The Descent") that she suddenly is "his friend" again, waiting for him with a drink, giving him a hug. And then in "Daddy Issues," she had a knowing smirk on her face after getting him to be the better man when they first arrived at the Grille.

She was also emotionally manipulating him (which Damon called her on). Now, originally, I thought that it wasn't intentional, but we know that Elena will do things to protect those she loves. Damon is, for all intents and purposes, the leader of the group. He appears to make many of the final decisions for the group, or they at least run things by him. If Elena wants to protect those in the group (and out of it, ie. Jenna and Matt), then she has to keep Damon on a leash, essentially. Playing the Katherine card and getting him to do what she wants to protect her friends and family is not that outside the realm of believable character actions. And considering the intent behind such actions, it's nothing like the selfish, self-serving manner in which Katherine played him. It truly is for a more noble cause.

4) After "The Descent," I said about Damon's actions: In her desire to make him be the better person he can be, she doesn't realize that his response is to fight that and so he lashes out, he does bad things, he retaliates in the worst way he can. The good thing is that it's getting harder and harder for him to do that. First, he went cold and bitter and snapped Jeremy's neck, the pain and regret came afterward. Now, he was drunk and broken, devastated by the choice he felt he *had* to make to not be in pain anymore. Yes, he committed the act, but the pain and regret was with him the entire time, before, during and after. Next time -- because you so know there is going to be a next time -- I think he'll make the right call at last. He won't commit the unforgivable (or close to it) act.

I wonder if in the second to last or last episode of this season if it will come out that Damon was never on her list to protect, that Elena (at this point) still believes that she will never forgive him for what he did, and that he has indeed lost her forever (she believes). That then would send him on another emotional tailspin, and instead of lashing out and killing someone, this time, he doesn't do so. This time he makes that conscious choice to NOT go there despite his pain. And, while if Elena is doing this, it can not even remotely compare to the terrible things that Damon has done, however, it does put them on a more even playing ground in terms of devastating the other emotionally.

5) This is so the kind of emotionally shocking thing that The Vampire Diaries does, and if this is a season-long arc resulting from Damon's actions in "The Return," it does lend credence to Kevin Williamson's comment that this season is about Damon and Elena's relationship. It's just not the development we were expecting (or hoping for), LOL!

I don't know, I could be COMPLETELY wrong. After all, there are a few scenes that don't quite work -- Elena emphatically including Damon (by look) not once, but twice in "The Sacrifice" about not wanting the people she loves/cares about to be hurt ... but since she never said it, just implied (as she was trying to get him to do what she wanted, even pre-deal with Elijah, it was on the same lines) and so very well could have been a red herring. Also, her comment that she didn't forgive John for what he did to Stefan and Damon in "Daddy Issues." However, even if Elena is doing this, I don't think it negates that she *does* feel something deeper for Damon that she simply will not and can not acknowledge, and it comes out in moments of fear, panic worry, etc. without her thinking about it, ie, her emotional, overwrought response to John playing the daddy role.

Again, I don't know, I could be totally off-base, but I think it's an interesting theory and not only makes sense character-wise, it actually makes *more* sense when taking into account the fact that she's seemingly forgiven Damon for SNAPPING HER BROTHER'S NECK RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER! So, I don't know. Call me crazy, but it's just a theory that's taken root in my brain. Please feel free to completely dissuade me from this notion!
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