Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Some thoughts on tonight's 'Chuck' and the season overall

You know I just have to say that I am LOVING, BEYOND LOVING, this season of Chuck. Once I got into the show (post season-two, watched all episodes over the summer hiatus), I really enjoyed it, but I didn't love *love* it. I (like most) had issues with the whole Daniel Shaw arc (grr!), so season three was definitely my least favorite. But this season has more than made up for it in spades. All but for one episode (that I'm blanking on), I have just adored every episode. SO MUCH! Tonight was no exception.

And it made me cry! Not just get all misty, but actually tear up to the point where I had to wipe a few stray tears away. The baby being born, Mary/Frost/Mama Bartowski going in there -- and I just started tearing up again while typing that part -- leading into the wordless proposal. Oh my. I just love it so much. Seriously, I rarely cry during TV shows. Very rarely, and yet tonight's episode of Chuck did it.

Timothy Dalton's run was incredible. Starting with him as the supposedly hapless nerd before being revealed as the evil Volkoff (so glad he's not dead, just captured). The integration of Morgan into the team, the steadiness, romance and beauty of the Chuck/Sarah relationship, the general awesome of Sarah (love Yvonne Strahovski!), speaking of Awesome, he and Ellie, and now baby Clara. Ah! So much to love. This season the show is just absolutely hitting on all cylinders. Yay, yay, yay!
Tags: chuck, chuck/sarah, yvonne strahovski

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