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08 August 2006 @ 08:50 pm
Waiting for the Right Kind of Pilot  
Random ...

- Ahhh! Mr. Pope is on The Closer!!! I heart him. He and Mr. Wu are like the coolest TV teachers EVER!!!!

- I was watching Hell's Kitchen (Go Heather!!!) and saw a preview for Celebrity Duets -- I know, I know, but I'm such a sucker for reality shows -- and then saw a name I was unaware was participating ... Lucy Lawless!!!! GAH!!! I love Lucy Lawless, no matter what she is doing, she is awesome at and for anyone's who's a Lawless fan, you already know she is a great singer. Oh man, I am SOO there!

- I'm rewatching all of Star Trek: Voyager and while yes it does have its flaws, I'm also remembering just how much I love it. Why? Because I LOVE the characters so much, especially B'Elanna. (Roxann Dawson is awesome!!) And I'm such a P/Ter which led me to pulling out Savage Garden's "To the Moon and Back" which is so unbelievably perfect for Tom and B'Elanna. Whoda thunk that a song by a frothry pop 90's band would be so perfect for a human and half-Klingon/Human hybrid from a Sci-Fi show? But go figure, it is. Anyhoo, while watching it I caught that John Kretchmer (yes, Kretchmer of PIETA Parallels!!!!) directed an episode ... a very good one at that. And then I had to squee because Kretchmer directed two of my fave actors ever!! (Roxann Dawson and Jason Dohring!) Squeeeee!!!!

- I've been listening to the VM songs lately and man, oh man about The Faders' "Whatever it Takes." I so very, very much adore this song. It's just so, gah, everything. I know it sucks that it plays mostly over VD, but it does end playing over Veronica going over to interrupt Logan/Jackie, so I focus on that and it makes me happy!
polarthestral on August 9th, 2006 06:35 am (UTC)
LOL About 'whatever it takes' I always liked that the lyrics 'everybody knows I should be moving on' are the words that play when she is dancing with Duncan. And we all nod vigorously - yes, you should be!

B xx